What are the benefits of the changes?

The changes have several benefits:

  1. Preserve and protect our environment
  2. Better air quality
  3. Reduce costs and save space in the landfill
  4. Encourage everyone to think about the waste they generate and to manage it responsibly

Preserve and protect our environment

Recyclables and organic material are valuable resources that should not go to landfill.  Paper, metal and plastics can all be turned into new products, preserving natural resources.  Food waste can be turned into compost for farmers' fields, reducing the need for commercial fertilizers and the potential environmental impacts associated with them. These resources are all wasted when they are buried in the landfill.

Better air quality

Organics wasted in the landfill generate methane gas, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.  Other municipalities also saw a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions by collecting garbage every two weeks, due to there being fewer trucks on the road. 

Reduce costs and preserve the landfill

When residents use blue boxes, green bins and other programs fully, there is less garbage that needs to be picked up at the curb and disposed of in the landfill. Collecting garbage every second week requires fewer garbage trucks. Collection efficiencies can help generate contract savings. Our current landfill has only 15 to 20 years of capacity left. The cost to build another facility would be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Encourage everyone to think about the waste they generate and to manage it responsibly

Most households in Waterloo Region (about 86 per cent) only put out one or two bags/containers each week for collection. A single level of curbside service across Waterloo Region means that taxpayers will no longer subsidize those who choose not to do their part to sort their waste properly for diversion. Residents who fully use their green bin and blue box every week have very little garbage left over. When there is less garbage, weekly collection of garbage is no longer necessary. 


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