Biosolids Heat Drying Facility Class Environmental Assessment Study 

On September 10, 2013, the Region of Waterloo (Region) Planning and Works Committee approved a report that directed staff to review and update the Biosolids Master Plan (BMP) completed 2011 (Report E-13-104 dated September 10, 2013).

The above decision will allow the Region to consider potential synergies with the ongoing Waste Management Master Plan and also to explore emerging biofuel opportunities supported by the long term energy strategies of the Province of Ontario.

The above report also directed staff to prepare a work plan and schedule for updating the BMP, and to report back to Council in early 2014.


2011 Biosolids Master Plan - Background

In September 2011, the Region of Waterloo (Region) completed the Biosolids sustainability concepts, to manage the residuals (biosolids) from the Region's wastewater treatment plants up to 2041. 

One of the key components was a centralized heat drying facility to process already dewatered biosolids from the Kitchener, Galt and Waterloo Wastewater Treatment Plants.  The heat drying process will further remove water in the

biosolids, thereby significantly reducing the volume which lessens transportation and storage requirements. Furthermore, the dried material can be used as a beneficial end use, all which contributes to a sustainable solution to the Region's biosolids.


Biosolids Master Plan - FINAL REPORT - October 2011


Class EA Study to plan the Biosolids Heat Drying Facility - Background

A Schedule B Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) for the implementation of the heat drying facility, following Phases 1 and 2 of the process was commenced in October 2012.  The scope of this study was to build up on the BMP and identify the preferred location for the facility.

In addition to six Public Information Centres (PIC's) held during the BMP, two rounds of PIC's were held over the course of the Class EA study, allowing staff to present information to the community, and gather input.


Public Information Centre #1

 The first Public Information Centres was in December 2012, click for further details. Materials for the first Public Information Centre, click here for details.


Public Information Centre #2 

 he second Public Information Centres was held in April 2013, click for further details. Materials for the second Public Information Centre, click here for details.


All the activities related to the heat drying facility Class EA have been suspended pending the completion of the BMP review and update.


If you have any comments or questions, please contact the following Regional staff member: 


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