Kitchener Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

The Kitchener Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is located in the City of Kitchener at 368 Mill Park Drive. The WWTP is a conventional activated sludge process with chemical phosphorus removal, anaerobic sludge digestion and sodium hypochlorite disinfection, and has a rated design capacity of 123 million litres/day (MLD). The treated effluent is discharged to the Grand River.

The plant was constructed in two major phases (Plants 1 and 2): Plant 1 was constructed in the 1960s and Plant 2 was constructed in the late 1970s. Preliminary treatment, primary clarifiers, biosolids treatment and processing as well as effluent disinfection are common to both plants.


The Kitchener WWTP upgrades and new treatment plant are high-priority projects for the Region to improve water quality in the Grand River. A phased approach for upgrades to the Kitchener WWTP has been recommended in the Wastewater Treatment Master Plan (WWTMP) update completed in 2007 and includes:

  • Construction of a dewatering facility at the Manitou Drive Biosolids Transfer Station;
  • Construction of a standby disinfection facility;
  • Construction of UV disinfection and effluent pumping station facilities;
  • Upgrades to Plant 2 to provide approximately 50 to 60 MLD nitrification capacity in a plug flow configuration;
  • Decommissioning of the existing biosolids storage lagoons to provide the area necessary for the construction of Plant 3;
  • Upgrades to headworks and processing of biosolids (thickening, pumping); and
  • Construction of Plant 3 with capacity of approximately 60 to 80 MLD to provide, as a minimum, nitrification and tertiary treatment for enhanced phosphorus removal.

Construction of these critical upgrades is underway and is being carried out in multiple phases.


Class Environmental Assessment Study

In order to upgrade treatment and ensure better effluent quality in the future, the Region has completed a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Study for upgrading the treatment process, as well as for the provision of standby power to provide security to ensure essential operations will continue in the event of a power failure at the plant. The proposed upgrades are part of the last of three WWTP upgrade phases and will not increase the existing WWTP capacity. The upgrades will improve how odours are managed at the plant and will improve long term Grand River water quality, and therefore have a positive effect on the natural environment.

The key drivers for this project were as follows:

  • Provide better effluent quality and odour management;
  • Provide reliable, long term operation and performance;
  • Decommission existing biosolids storage lagoons; and
  • Improve process efficiency (replace aging equipment).

This project was undertaken as a Schedule B project in accordance with the procedures defined in the Municipal Engineers Association Class Environmental Assessment (MEA, October 2000, amended in 2007), which applies to municipal wastewater, water and roads projects.

A key component of the Schedule B Class EA study involved consultation with interested stakeholders (public and regulatory agencies). As part of the consultation program, the Region held Public Information Centres to advise and consult with the public.

Click on the links below to view the documents from the Class EA

Notice of Commencement

Kitchener WWTP Notice of PIC #1 - November 16, 2011

Kitchener WWTP PIC #1 Info Package/Comment Sheet - November 16, 2011

Notice of PIC #2

Kitchener WWTP PIC #2 Info Package/Comment Sheet - June 12, 2012

Kitchener WWTP Notice of Study Completion  

Kitchener WWTP Municipal Class EA Final Report - Sept. 2012

Kitchener WWTP Class EA Final Appendices

Other Reports

Phase 3 Upgrades - Pre-Design Report

(Appendices for Phase 3 Upgrades Report are available upon request:
Jo-Anne Ing  519-575-4602

Ultraviolet Disinfection Facility and Plant Upgrades - Presentation Boards


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