Landfill Operations

The only operating landfill in the Region of Waterloo is the Waterloo landfill. Opened in 1972, the site covers 125 hectares, 71 hectares dedicated to landfilling. The landfill will reach capacity at 15 million tonnes of waste. It is anticipated operations will continue to at least 2030. For detailed information on the landfill operations and environmental programs, please see the Environmental controls and programs brochure. The Waterloo site also includes the recycling centre, an environmental education centre, public drop-off area with several waste diversion programs and the green bin transfer area.

The Region's Waste Management Division is responsible for other waste management facilities, both operating and closed. The Region continues to monitor several closed landfills such as the Cambridge and Kitchener  sites. Please see the Closed landfills brochure for more detailed information.

Detour sign

Construction notice: Accessing gates at 925 Erb Street West, Waterloo

Roundabouts are being constructed at Gate 1 and Gate 2 at 925 Erb Street West this summer. At times, traffic may be down to one lane, and/or detoured through a different route.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.

Residential drop-off locations and hours of operation

  • The locations below are for use by Waterloo Region residents to dispose of recyclables and garbage generated within the Region. 
  • Tipping fees will apply ($5 minimum fee).
  • All small vehicle transfer stations are closed on statutory and designated holidays.
  • Ayr, Crosshill and Wilmot Transfer Stations closed at the end of 2015 and Elmira Transfer Station closed in May 2016.
  • At the transfer station, your vehicle will cross weigh scales both entering and exiting. When entering, indicate to scale house staff the type of material(s) you have for disposal. Staff will direct you to the correct drop-off location(s). Please obey all traffic signals at the scales and traffic signs. At the exit scale, scale house staff will indicate the payment required. 
  • Each location offers free drop-off of certain items including cooking oil, Household Hazardous Waste, and textiles/housewares. At the Waterloo site, other drop-off programs are available including building materials, and bicycles from approximately April to October.
  • For information on drop-off sites for commercial loads, go to the Commercial Services page.

Cambridge Waste Transfer Station - Residential
201 Savage Dr., Cambridge, N1T 1S6

7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Monday to Saturday

Waterloo Waste Transfer Station- Residential

925 Erb Street West (Residential drop-off - Gate 2), Waterloo N2J 3Z4

7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Monday to Saturday


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Fees for residential users

Fees at Cambridge and Waterloo Waste Transfer Stations 

  • A minimum of $5.00 will be charged on each load.
  • Loads over the $5.00 minimum will be charged by weight, based on the rates listed below.
  • Loads that contain mixed materials will be charged at the higher rate. For example loads that contain tires and garbage, will be charged at the tire rate.
  • Payment options: Cash only for all transactions below $10.00. On transactions above $10.00, cash, debit and credit are accepted.
  • All small vehicle transfer stations are closed on statutory and designated holidays.


Charge per tonne

General refuse/garbage

$7.70 / 100 kg

Surcharge loads: (Waterloo site only) (stumps, wire, Styrofoam, asbestos, nuisance dust, etc.)

$15.00 / 100 kg

Tires (max. 20", rims removed, passenger vehicles only)

$10.00 / 100 kg

Recyclables (loads must not be mixed with garbage)

  • All regular Blue Box materials
  • Organics (leaves, yard waste, brush, grass clippings, green bin waste, etc.)
  • Inerts (clean fill, bricks, concrete rubble,etc.)
  • Appliances and scrap metal (refrigerators, stoves, freezers, etc.)

$3.70 / 100 kg


 $7.70 / 100 kg

CFC removal fee (in addition to scale weight/minimum fee)

$10 first unit
$25 each additional unit

NOTE: Our Cambridge site has restrictions on surcharge and other loads.

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Waste by-laws and bans

Collection and disposal of waste within Waterloo Region is restricted by the conditions cited under the following by-laws and bans passed by Regional Council.

Tires, corrugated cardboard, wooden pallets and electronic waste were banned from Regional landfills by Regional Council in 1988, 1990, 2002, and 2004 respectively.

By-Law 02-011
By-Law to Prohibit & Regulate the Collection of Waste
Passed January 30, 2002

By-Law 98-87
A By-Law to Regulate the Receiving, Dumping & Disposing of Waste
Passed December 17, 1987

Disposal of Waste Tire Ban
Effective September 1, 1988

Old Corrugated Cardboard Landfill Ban
Effective April 1, 1991

Curbside Garbage Collection of Grass Ban
Effective March 31, 2003

Landfill and Curbside Waste Collection of Electronic Waste Ban
Effective June 6, 2005

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