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Events, workshops and public tours

Public Tours

Hawk used at the landfill

Generally, we run two public tour days each year - Earth Week in April and Waste Reduction Week in October. Residents are invited to learn about landfill technologies, to visit the recycling centre, and to hear about our many initiatives such as our "green" energy production from waste.

Each tour is approximately one hour long, and free of charge. All ages are welcome! Details of the tours are posted here and promoted through the media.

Next tour:  In April. Details will be posted closer to the event. Residents will be encouraged to call us after the tour date has been posted to reserve their seat on the bus. 

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Free Environmental Education Program for school groups and community groups

The Region invites school groups and public interest groups to take advantage of the free on-site environmental program. Participants will discover:

  • the important role waste plays in every day life
  • the impact of individual actions
  • the importance of a clean and healthy environment

Education CentreThis program includes a visit to the Environmental Education Centre, the Nyle Ludolph Materials Recycling Centre, and our one-and-only landfill. All tours must be booked in advance. View more information on our downloadable brochure.

Please note: We are now taking bookings for the 2016 school year.


Program details:

Age group: Recommended for Kindergarten to Grade 12 and for community groups. For younger grades, it is recommended that parent volunteers lead small groups of students.
Group size: Maximum 40 participants per visit
Hours: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Friday
Length:1.5 to 2 hours
Location: 925 Erb Street West, Gate 1, Waterloo
Cost: Free. However, the group must pay for and provide bus transportation. The bus and driver must remain with the group for the whole visit as the bus is used to tour the site. No personal vehicles are allowed on the tour.

Thanks to all teachers, parent volunteers and students for their enthusiasm and support for this program. Here are some comments from program participants:

"Wonderful hands-on displays."
"A really good introduction to our community's needs - a must for all citizens!."
"I learn so much every time I go."
"A good learning experience that ties in really well with the socials/science unit."

Contact Us

For program bookings, information and resources, please contact Shelley Conrad, Waste Management Coordinator, 519-575-4400 ext. 8413.


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Each year the Waste Management and Water Efficiency Divisions jointly publish Environews, a newsletter that updates residents on waste and water issues. The newsletters are published at least once per year and distributed to every household in the Region.

Read past (Archived) issues of Environews:

 Fall 2011 Fall 2006 Spring 2001 Winter 1993
 Spring 2011 Spring 2006 Spring 2000 Summer 1993
 Fall 2010 Fall 2005 Spring 1999 Spring 1993
 Spring 2010 Spring 2005 Spring 1998 Spring 1992
 Fall 2009 Fall 2004 Fall/Winter 1996 Fall 1991
 Spring 2009 Spring 2004 Spring/Summer 1996 Spring 1991
 Fall 2008 Fall 2003 Fall/Winter 1995 Fall 1990
 Spring 2008 Fall 2002 Spring/Summer 1995 Spring 1990
 Fall 2007 Spring 2002 Fall 1994 Fall 1989
 Spring 2007 Fall 2001 Spring 1994 Spring 1989 


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Waste Management eNews

Keep up-to-date on the Region of Waterloo's waste management programs by subscribing to our electronic newsletter. This (almost!) monthly newsletter shares the latest updates and tips on curbside programs, and other "3R" (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle) information. 

To sign up, please go to the Region's subscription page.

Here are copies of eNews we've sent so far:

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Landfill Information

The following brochures contain information about our landfill operations.

Original Waste Management Master Plan, 2011 Update (123 pages)

1.0 - Introduction
2.0 - Background
3.0 - Waterloo Waste Management Centre
4.0 - Cambridge Waste Management Facility
5.0 - Rural Small Vehicle Transfer Stations
6.0 - Closed Landfill Sites
7.0 - Collection Function
8.0 - Waste Reduction Services
9.0 -Residual Waste Management Planning

10.0 - Financial Overview

Figures and Tables (17 pages)

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