Water Efficiency Master Plan 2015-2025

The Region of Waterloo has been committed to conserving our precious water resources since the 1970s. The Region has been a national leader in water conservation with pioneering programs such as the Toilet Replacement Program, the Rain Barrel Distribution Program and the current Water Efficient Technology (W.E.T.) Program for Business. These programs were chosen through a master planning process where potential programs are explored and ranked for their ability to save water and for community members' interest in those programs.


Have a glance at the full Water Efficiency Master Plan 2015-2025


In the process of creating a new master plan, a lot of study is done on existing and proposed programs. Below is a list of the reports that help explain how we arrived at a new water efficiency master plan.


Technical Memo #1 - A review of current water efficiency programs and review of background information

          Appendix #1 - Review of water efficiency programs with climate factors corrected


Technical Memo #2 - Report on Commercial, Industrial and Institutional programs


Technical Memo #3 - A survey of homes in Waterloo Region to gain water use data


Technical Memo #4 - A report on the current best practices in water efficiency

          Appendix #1 - Description of programs and water saving measures

          Appendix #2 - A review of communications and public engagement


Technical Memo #5 - A model showing expected water savings results from potential programs


View the display boards for the upcoming public consultation centres which detail the master plan


Report on the results of focus groups