The Region of Waterloo is committed to embracing environmental considerations in all of its decisions. Clean air, water, land, green spaces and sensitive environmental features are important to ensuring Waterloo Region stays healthy, sustainable and liveable.

As an organization the Region is committed to reducing its environmental footprint as well as enabling residents and businesses to do the same with its programs and services. Some of these programs and services include:

Community Environmental Fund 2017

The Community Environmental Fund was established in 2011 to provide financial support to community-based environmental initiatives. Community Environmental FundThe Fund assists community members and organizations carry out projects that protect, promote and enhance our natural environment. Through this Fund, the Region collaborates with local stakeholders to build a sustainable community for current and future generations.

Applying for the Fund

The 2017 Community Environmental Fund application period is now closed.  Applications may be considered again this fall. Please check back for more information.

Our Progress

Communicating our progress: Online public reporting software

progresssite.jpgAs part of our commitment to greener choices, we are significantly reducing the number of printed materials to report on the progress of our Region of Waterloo Environmental Sustainability Strategy.

An online tool has been developed for monitoring and communicating progress on the Region's commitment to Environmental Sustainability Strategy. The web-based tool provides detailed and summary information about each of the actions in written and graphic formats (where available) illustrating progress made towards our Strategic Objectives and Focus Areas.