Curb The Salt

Curb The Salt survey - Metroline Research Group is currently conducting a telephone survey on behalf of the Region of Waterloo. Direct questions to the Region of Waterloo.

Water Services program areas include supply, protection, conservation and wastewater

Salt impacts our water.

When snow melts or when it rains, the salt placed on roads, parking lots and sidewalks to keep us safe, washes into our waterways or travels underground. Over time, if we don't manage our salt use, salt levels will increase in the drinking water causing it to taste salty.

Illustration of a groundwater aquifer with snow on the ground

Did you know? . . .

  • In Waterloo Region, some of our water comes from the Grand River but most comes from groundwater aquifers recharged by snow melt and rain water.
  • Chloride impacts water. Salt and many de-icers, including environmentally friendly products contain chloride.
  • Chloride is a long-term pollutant that accumulates in water. Removing chloride from water requires costly and energy intensive technology.

We all have a role to play.

Protecting water from the overuse of salt benefits everyone. Improve winter safety with less salt. Find out:

Don't use salt? Your actions may be influencing those who do use salt. Find out how.


Curb the Salt. Salt impacts our water. We all have a role to play.