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Events, workshops and public tours

Photo of bales of recyclables in the MRC

Thanks to all those who celebrated Waste Reduction Week with us!

Over 300 residents participated in our Waste Reduction Week tours on Saturday, October 21, 2017. They enjoyed the displays and the guided tours, and learned more about how their everyday actions including green binning and recycling, make a difference.

Our next tour will be in April, 2018 to celebrate Earth Day. More details will be posted closer to the event. 

 Education - Environmental Education Centre

Free Environmental Education Program for school groups and community groupsThe Region invites school groups and public interest groups to take advantage of the free on-site environmental program. Participants will discover:

  • The important role waste plays in every day life
  • The impact of individual actions
  • The importance of a clean and healthy environment

Education CentreThis program includes a visit to the Environmental Education Centre, the Nyle Ludolph Materials Recycling Centre, and our one-and-only landfill. View more information on our downloadable brochure.Bookings:All tours must be booked in advance.Please contact us for information and to book a tour. Notes:

  • Tour times for Kindergarten classes are only available in June.

Target grades: The program is most suitable for grades 3, 5, and 7, and high school. Split classes are welcome.

Community groups are also welcome.

Group size: School groups are limited to two classes per visit. Adult and/or community groups are limited to 50 participants per visit.

Hours: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Length:1.5 to 2 hours

Location: 925 Erb Street West, Gate 1, Waterloo

Cost: Free. However, the group must pay for and provide bus transportation. The bus and driver must remain with the group for the whole visit as the bus is used to tour the site. No personal vehicles are allowed on the tour.

Thanks to all teachers, parent volunteers and students for their enthusiasm and support for this program. Here are some comments from program participants:

"Wonderful hands-on displays." "A really good introduction to our community's needs - a must for all citizens!." "I learn so much every time I go." "A good learning experience that ties in really well with the socials/science unit."

Publications and resources

Alternate formats available upon request. Please call 519-575-4400.

General resources

How to sort and set out for curbside collection. Includes flyers translated into other languages.

 Blue Box program

Blue and Grey Cart recycling program

Includes information for schools.


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Garbage collection

Includes information for landlords.

Green Bin program

Green Cart programs

Includes information for schools.

 Landfill operations, and drop-off locations and fees

Resources for teachers

  1. The story of Stuff (Electronics, cosmetics, bottled water and more)
  2. Ontario Ministry of Environment E-Zone, downloadable kid and classroom tools
  3. Recycle That! and Green Bin That! posters for schools for high school grades and young adults
  4. Recycle That! and Green Bin That! posters for primary school grades
  5. Green Bin/Cart poster that details what should stay in and what should stay out of the green bin
  6. Check out our video featuring two grade 4 students from Suddaby School who show you how to make a liner out of newspaper.
  7. Colouring and activity pages

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