Holiday waste collection services and tips

Changes to collection days

There will be no waste collection on Monday, December 25 and Monday, January 1.

During the two weeks of December 25 to January 6:

If your collection day is:                   Your collection will be:
Monday................................................. Tuesday
Tuesday................................................ Wednesday
Wednesday........................................... Thursday
Thursday............................................... Friday
Friday.................................................... Saturday

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Double garbage days December 26 to January 19

After the busy holiday, residents can set out double the limit of untagged garbage bags or cans. For example, a single family household can set out up to eight (8) untagged bags or cans from December 26 to January 19.

Have all your items to the curb by 7 a.m.

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Christmas tree collection January 2 to 12, 2018

Place your Christmas tree to the curb for collection and it will be chipped up into mulch. The special collection will cover all areas twice, the weeks of January 2 to 6 and 8 to 12, on your collection day.

Please prepare it for collection first:

  • Remove all plastic decorations, bags, tinsel, lights and the stand
  • Place tree to the curb by 7 a.m.
  • Cut in half, if maximum length exceeds 1.8 meters (6 feet)
  • Make sure it is reachable from the street
  • Do not place your tree on or behind a snowbank

Thanks for "tree-cycling"!

Note:  After January 12, Christmas trees set to the curb will count as Bulky Items and will be landfilled as garbage (not chipped). If you bring your tree to our transfer station though, it will be recycled (fees will apply).

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How to deal with "stuff" over the holidays

Over the holidays, we tend to buy and receive a lot of stuff. Here are some ways to "un-stuff" your holiday:

  1. Plan. Take inventory of what you have now. Plan your meals, and follow shopping lists. Don't buy those extra, "just in case" items. Consider organizing a post-Christmas potluck to use up the leftover turkey and trimmings!
  2. Introduce new traditions. Talk with your family about      starting new traditions that are earth-friendly. Instead of everyone buying a present for everyone else, buy one present for the whole family, or draw names, or play a "gift-giving game" (there are many variations available online).
  3. Give an experience. As a family, make donations to charities, volunteer, or go caroling. Give tickets to the movies, theatre or other performances, festivals or museums. Here are some local events and ideas. Enjoy a new adventure together with friends such as painting, rock climbing, or axe throwing.  
  4. Make your gift. Share your skills and give home baking, knitted hat and scarf set, scrapbooked special photos, poem, sweet or savoury recipes in a jar, a carved or welded masterpiece, coupons (such as for shoveling snow and other chores, or for other things like an extra story at bedtime for kids).

Make this holiday memorable and meaningful while at the same time being mindful of our Earth. Share your 3Rs holiday ideas with us on Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.  

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How to avoid problem packaging this holiday

Wooden clementine crates

Wooden clementine crate

These are not recyclable in our Blue Box program.
  1. Put them in the garbage or reuse them (e.g. paint or decorate and use them to wrap a gift). OR
  2. Buy oranges loose. If you bag them, the plastic produce bag is accepted in the Blue Box program. (Stuff alongside other bags inside of one bag, tie the outer bag shut and put in your Paper Products and Plastic Bags blue box.)
Frozen juice containers
Frozen orange juice container
This packaging contains different types of materials and is not recyclable in our program the way you buy it.
  1. Take apart the package. Put the metal ends into the Containers Only blue box and the paper tube in the Paper Products and Plastic Bags blue box. (Put the plastic seal/pull ring in the garbage.) OR
  2. Buy juice in either cartons or plastic jugs. These types of packaging are recyclable in the Containers Only blue box. (Please rinse before putting them in your box.) 
Boxes of chocolate
Box of chocolates
This packaging contains different types of materials and is not recyclable in our program the way you buy it.
  1. Take apart the package. Put the plastic tray into the Containers Only blue box. Flatten the box and put it in a plastic bag along with any other paper, and place it in the Paper Products and Plastic Bags blue box. OR
  2. Buy bulk chocolates (again the bag is recyclable in our Blue Box program) or make your own chocolates, bark or truffles.

Remember to green bin those chocolates that you don't like! 

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Recycling reminders for holiday items

Blue Box program

  • Put all cans, bottles, cartons and jars in your Containers Only blue box. This includes: empty and rinsed eggnog cartons, empty aerosol whipped cream cans, and hard, clear packaging from toys or electronics.
  • Put paper gift wrap, gift bags and tissue paper in a plastic bag and put in your Paper and Plastic Bags blue box. (remove tap, bows; no foil paper).
  • Flatten gift boxes, cereal boxes, and other boxboard, and put in a plastic bag, or tie with twine, and put in your Paper and Plastic Bags blue box.
  • Stuff all your plastic bags (bread, grocery, salt bags and outer wrap from dipaers, pop, toilet paper) into one plastic bag, tie shut and put in your Paper and Plastic Bags blue box. No stand-up pouches, please.
  • Flatten corrugated cardboard, tie with twine and put beside your blue box.

Green Bin program

  • Put all food scraps including cookies, fruit cake, snack foods, turkey bones, nuts and shells, paper plates, poinsettas, indoor natural greenery, pet waste (including reindeer droppings!) in your green bin.
  • Line your green bin with paper bags or certified compostable plastic liner bags to help ensure your green bin stays clean and empties out. Use only certified compostable plastic liner bags with these logos:
Certified compostable plastic liner bag logo Certified compostable liner bag logo

Note:  Paper liner bags do not have these logos.

What goes in the garbage?

  • Broken toys, candles, foil or plastic gift wrap, cellophane, bubble wrap, broken strings of lights (wrap sharp items in paper for safety), plastic cutlery, Styrofoam, wooden orange crates.

What goes to Household Hazardous Waste?

  • Single use and rechargeable batteries, "curly" light bulbs, household cleaners, and more.

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