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Recycling for Businesses

Electronics recycling:

Businesses interested in recycling electronic equipment should refer to the Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) program

Commercial loads of electronic waste may also be recycled at the Region. Please coordinate drop off with Paul Rabb - email him or call him at 519-575-4400 ext. 8428. Fees will apply.

Seeking assistance with waste diversion?

Businesses seeking assistance in diverting recyclable material are encouraged to:

As well, the Region can assist with environmental or regulatory concerns. If we cannot help you directly, we can refer you to the appropriate agency or contacts. Call 519-575-4400 ext. 8412 to speak to our Projects Manager or email us for more information.

When investigating waste diversion options, in addition to asking companies about costs of services or materials handled, quantities of materials accepted, timing and other logistics, here are a few other items to consider:

  • Environmental impacts and practices of their business. For instance, ensure the company is recycling and recovering materials in an environmentally-responsible way;
  • References. Find out the experiences of current and past customers.
  • Qualifications. Review copies of relevant licences, Environmental Compliance Approvals, training, policies, and emergency response procedures;
  • Tour the facility. Get a first hand look at their operation. 

By getting the assistance you need and researching alternatives, your business will be able to make informed decisions that meet your waste diversion goals.

Workplace Waste Reduction and Recycling Directory

The Workplace Waste Reduction and Recycling Directory has been provided by the Region of Waterloo to help industries, commercial businesses and institutions divert waste and recyclables from landfill. This directory lists companies (many of them local) who either provide waste management services and/or accept materials which may otherwise be landfilled.

The following has been provided for information only. The Region of Waterloo does not recommend, endorse, or guarantee the service of any company listed. Contact and business information for the companies listed may change from time to time.

We are interested in your comments! Please contact us to:

  • Report your success in using this directory to divert materials
  • Update any information that is listed or needs to be added

Please email our Waste Management Coordinator.

Thank you for continuing to make our community a leader in environmental management!

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