Reports, Publications & Progress

Council Reports

The Region's environmental sustainability strategy guides us in building and protecting a healthy community that will serve future generations. We developed this vision in the stages documented here:

June 6: Strategic Framework for Climate Adaptation Planning

June 6, 2017: Progress report on Community Greenhouse Gas Action Plan

December 6, 2016: Progress Update on the Community Energy Investment Strategy

October 4, 2016: Status Report on Community Climate Adaptation

September 13, 2016: 2012-2015 Corporate Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan Progress

December 8, 2015: Climate Adaptation Planning - Observations and Projections for Waterloo Region

June 16, 2015: Development of a Community Energy Investment Strategy

Feb 11, 2014:  2014 Community Environmental Fund Allocation

Dec 3, 2013: Community Greenhouse Gas Action Plan and Reduction Target 

Oct 9, 2013:  Progress Report/Revised Target-Corporate Greenhouse Gas Action Plan

Appendix A (CR-FM-13-015)

May 28, 2013:  Local Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Feb 26, 2013: 2013 Community Environmental Fund Allocation

Oct 16, 2012: Update on Community Climate Collaborative

May 29, 2012:  Update on the Community Climate Collaborative

May 29, 2012:  Environmental Sustainability Progress Report: 2011 Achievements


Mar 20, 2012:  2012 Community Environmental Fund Allocation - Sustainability Grant Stream

Feb 28, 2012:  2012 Community Environmental Fund Allocation - Environmental Stewardship Stream

Oct 18, 2011:  Integrated Community Environmental Funding Program

May 3, 2011:  The Climate Collaborative: A Community-wide GHG Action Plan

May 3, 2011:  Region of Waterloo's Corporate Greenhouse Gas Action Plan

Appendix A (CR-FM-11-011)

Mar 8, 2011:  Update on FCM Partners for Climate Protection Program

Feb 15, 2011:  Environmental Sustainability Strategy Progress Report: 2009-2010

Jun 8, 2010:  Renewable Energy Initiative: solar Photovoltaic

Apr 6, 2010:  Strategic Greenhouse Gas Partnerships

Jan 26, 2010:  Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Reduction Work Plan

Nov 17, 2009:  Integrated Environmental Promotion and Education Plan

May 12, 2009:  Environmental Sustainability Strategy

Jan 6, 2009:  Progress Indicators

Jun 24, 2008:  Framework and Principles

May 13, 2008:  Environmental Initiatives report

Feb 13, 2008:  Strategy Development Process


girl with earth beach ball on beachCommunicating our progress: Online public reporting software

As part of our commitment to greener choices, we are significantly reducing the number of printed materials to report on the progress of our Region of Waterloo Environmental Sustainability Strategy.

An online tool has been developed for monitoring and communicating progress on the Region's commitment to Environmental Sustainability Strategy. The web-based tool provides detailed summary information about each of the actions in written and graphic formats (where available) illustrating progress made towards our Strategic Objectives and Focus Areas.