Winter maintenance for multi-residential and commercial properties

Protect your buildings, landscaping, staff and visitors from the damaging effects of over-salting. Remove the risk of icy areas and use salt wisely without compromising public safety.

  • Request your free Winter Maintenance Toolkit to:

    • Identify and remove icy areas before they occur

    • Implement best management practices

    • Educate staff, residents and visitors on winter salt

  • Contract salt by unit price per event or lump sum per season instead of "salt extra" where the client pays based on how much salt is applied

  • Take Smart About Saltâ„¢ training. For dates and registration details, visit the Smart About Salt website

  • Become a Smart About Salt certified site
    • Reduce your costs for winter salt management
    • Qualify for insurance premium discounts
    • Reduce infrastructure damage to bricks, doorways and sidewalks
    • Demonstrate your commitment to environmental stewardship
  • Hire a Smart About Saltâ„¢ certified contractor
  • Request your free decals to attach to salt bins or buckets or to place in visible locations such as the winter equipment storage or maintenance areas. Please note you do not need to order decals separately if you are already ordering a Winter Maintenance Toolkit.


The Region of Waterloo locally supports the Smart About Salt Council, a not-for-profit organization, that provides training to improve winter salting practices on facilities and recognizes industry leaders through certification. Visit the Smart About Salt Council website to learn more about the program.

Properties in Kitchener and Waterloo may qualify for stormwater credits to save on your monthly utility bill upon completing Smart About Salt training and/or a salt management plan. The Cities of Kitchener and Waterloo administer the Stormwater Credit Program. Refer to the website of the city where your property is located for details.

Curb the Salt. Salt impacts our water. We all have a role to play.