Winter salt management - we all have a role to play.

Although most salt comes from roads and commercial and multi-residential parking lots, the public influences the use of salt either by expecting clear walkways and roads or by not wearing suitable footwear or installing winter tires on their vehicles. 

Even if you don't use salt, you can help reduce the impact of salt on water. 

  • Wear a good pair of winter boots.
  • Adjust your expectations. Is it realistic for pavement conditions in the winter to be the exactly the same as they are in the summer?
  • Consider taking public transportation.
  • When driving:
    • Consider switching your all-season tires to winter tires. You'll have better traction and two sets of tires that last twice as long.
    • Allow for extra time to arrive at your destination.
    • Drive for the conditions. Reduce your speed and increase your following distance as road conditions and visibility worsen.
    • Take the quiz and test your knowledge on winter driving and read the Ontario Ministry of Transportation's Winter Driving: Be Prepared, Be Safe! booklet.

Winter tire quiz

Winter driving quiz


Curb the salt. Salt impacts our water. We all have a role to play.