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The Region of Waterloo has a mandate to manage and shape land use to ensure a livable, healthy and sustainable Waterloo Region. The Regional Official Plan has environmental stewardship policies that will help us:

  • Protect, enhance and restore environmentally significant and sensitive lands and features within Waterloo Region;
  • Maintain a balance between the urban, rural and natural areas; and
  • Foster a culture of stewardship by working with other governments, individuals or organizations who want to do the same.

Environmental Stewardship Fund

An Environmental Stewardship Fund was created by Regional Council in 2009 to provide financial assistance to individuals and organizations in the Region who want to take on projects that benefit the natural environment, focusing on areas that have been designated by the Region of Waterloo as Environmentally Sensitive Landscapes (ESLs), Environmentally Sensitive Policy Areas (ESPAs) or Regional Agreement Forests.

The Region of Waterloo has a long history of promoting environmental stewardship, but we know we don't have the ability do everything by ourselves. The Environmental Stewardship Fund was created to give funding to landowners, the business community, organizations, individual citizens and even other governments to complete projects that meet our criteria, and they in turn will provide the imagination, commitment and labour needed to get the projects done.

In 2011, a new combined sustainability and stewardship fund was approved by Regional Council. Visit the Community Environmental Fund page for more information.

For more information

You can find out more about the Region's policies to protect the environment and promote stewardship on the Greenlands page of our website, or in Chapter 7 of the ROP.