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Watershed Protection

Waterloo Region is the largest urban municipality in Ontario to rely almost exclusively on groundwater supplies for its drinking-water. Approximately three quarters of Waterloo Region's drinking-water comes from the more than 100 municipal wells, many of which tap into underground water supplies. The remaining quarter of the region's drinking-water is drawn from the Grand River.

Protecting our valuable water resources from land uses that could impact the quality of the water or affect the groundwater recharge process is essential to maintaining our health, economic prosperity and high quality of life we enjoy in Waterloo Region.

The Region of Waterloo is responsible for protecting and conserving the municipal drinking water supply. Since 1994, we have taken a proactive approach to protecting the quantity and quality of our drinking water by managing land uses in Source Water Protection Areas, located throughout the region, including residential neighbourhoods, employment areas, rural settlements, agricultural areas and in areas where future urban development may occur.

Planning for water use

The Province of Ontario has recently emphasized the importance of protecting the municipal drinking-water supply system through land use planning with the enactment of the Safe Drinking WaterAct and the Clean Water Act

Chapter 8 of the new Regional Official Plan has the policies related to land use activities within designated Source Water Protection Areas. In addition to managing land uses to prevent contamination from chemicals or disease causing organisms, this Chapter also contains policies to help reduce the impact of road salt on the municipal drinking-water supply system.

For more information

Visit the Water section of our website for more in-depth information on the Region of Waterloo's water protection and conservation programs.