Green Purchasing

Green purchasing favours products or services which have less impact on the environment and, in some cases, human health compared with competing products and services.

The Region of Waterloo is committed to purchasing goods and services which make the most efficient use of natural resources, prevent pollution and protect the environment.

This includes products which:

  • have a high recycled content
  • are energy-efficient
  • consume less water
  • are bio-degradable
  • are less polluting
  • have low toxicity
  • are durable
  • have minimal packaging
  • can be fully recycled
  • come from a sustainable source

Following are examples of products and services we acquired that meet the criteria:

  • carpet with minimum 30 per cent recycled content
  • solvent-free degreasers and non-silicate-based floor dry product for fleet centres
  • office paper with 30 per cent post-consumer recycled content
  • paper towels with 100 per cent recycled content
  • environmentally friendly housekeeping products
  • office equipment that meets Energy Star standards

Among our other green purchases are energy-efficient lighting, energy-saving devices for HVAC systems, alternative vehicle fuels, pollution-control equipment for vehicles, hybrid vehicles, green energy technologies, environmentally friendly building materials, low-flow toilets, contracted bike courier services and remanufactured toner cartridges.