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Growth Management

The Regional Growth Management Strategy (RGMS), designed to help determine where, when and how future growth should occur,  provides a clear picture of how the citizens of this community wanted to move forward. The RGMS looked at the "big picture" when it comes to growth, with a focus on how to reach a balance between residential and employment development while preserving all of those features that make our community so special.

The RGMS was structured around the following six goals:

  • Enhancing Our Natural Environment
  • Building Vibrant Urban Places
  • Providing Greater Transportation Choice
  • Protecting Our Countryside
  • Fostering a Strong Economy
  • Ensuring Overall Coordination and Communication

The Region used the principles described in the RGMS to shape decisions related to planning and growth management. You can learn more about the RGMS in the RGMS Highlights Brochure.

Bringing the vision to life

On January 4, 2011, the Province of Ontario approved the new Regional Official Plan (ROP), and the vision established in the RGMS became official policies that will promote balanced growth by:

  • Directing more of our community's future growth towards the built-up areas in our community, which will make better use of land, existing infrastructure, and services; and
  • Creating more compact, vibrant and complete communities in our suburban areas with walkable neighbourhoods and a better mix of employment, housing, shopping and services.

 Balancing growth like this will make it more cost effective to provide services such as sidewalks or transit, and will reduce the need to expand roads or water and wastewater facilities.

More in-depth information about the Region's growth management polices can be found in Chapter 2 of the Regional Official Plan.

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