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Housing is a basic necessity of life and an essential element to individual health and community vitality. It is also important for maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in Waterloo Region.

Working with the Area Municipalities and other stakeholders, Region of Waterloo has an important role to play in making sure there is a full range of housing options that are safe, affordable and accessible for all residents.

The information on this page is about the planning policies in the Regional Official Plan (ROP). that will help ensure Waterloo Region has the right mix of housing. For more information about finding Community Housing in Waterloo Region, or the Region's Affordable Housing Strategy, please visit our Housing website.

Planning for the right mix

The Region is committed to ensuring there is the right mix of housing available to satisfy the various physical, social, economic and personal support needs of current and future residents. Specific policies have been included in the Regional Official Plan to achieve this mix.

  • The ROP gives Area Municipalities the authority to allow home-owners to create secondary apartments and garden suites in residential neighbourhoods;
  • The ROP requires developers to ensure that up to 30 per cent of homes in all new developments are not single detached homes, but semi-detached units, such as town homes and multi-unit residential buildings; and
  • The ROP also has policies to encourage the Province and Area Municipalities to offer incentives to property developers to create affordable and special needs housing.

More in-depth information about the Region's polices related housing can be found in Chapter 3 of the Regional Official Plan.