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Tree By-law

Environmental stewardship is an important part of the Region of Waterloo's Environmental Sustainability Strategy. This includes protecting and managing the 16 forest systems owned by the Region, and overseeing the new Conservation of Trees in Woodlands By-law, also known as the Tree By-Law.

The Tree By-Law regulates tree cutting in private and public woodlots throughout Waterloo Region. It was passed by Regional Council after two years of research and consultation with wildlife experts, industry professionals, environmental groups and members of the public.

Under this By-Law, a permit is needed from the Region to harvest trees in woodlots of one hectare or more. The purpose of the By-Law is to promote good forestry practices and protect woodlots, but also to restrict harvesting times and methods in order to protect breeding habitats.

For more information

Please read the Trees By-Law Brochure, or consult the Conservation of Trees in Woodlands By-Law.