GIS and Mapping

The Region offers a number of mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services and resources.


Interactive Maps

Map & Data Requests

Air Photos

The Region has air photos available for purchase.  262 sheets cover the entire region.  Please refer to the Air Photo Grid Sheet Index for your appropriate tile. Digital versions of the air photos are also available. 

Base Maps

Hard copy maps are available for purchase. Please refer to the price list of maps that are available.

Custom Mapping

Custom mapping services are available. We are able to customize a map or air photo to suit your individual needs for a minimal fee. Pricing depends on the complexity and size of the mapping request.

Digital Data

The Region of Waterloo has geospatial data for sale. Data is available in the ESRI ShapeFile format (.shp). Review the price list for more information.

Data is also available through the Region of Waterloo's Open Data Catalogue.


Map Guides

Street Map Guide

The 2014 Street Map Guide contains up-to-date street information for the Cities of Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo and the Townships of North Dumfries, Wellesley, Wilmot and Woolwich. The guide contains 76 map sheets covering the entire Waterloo Region with a street index for fast look-up.

Settlement Map Guide

The Settlement Map Guide provides maps of the main residential settlement and industrial areas in the Townships of North Dumfries, Wellesley, Wilmot and Woolwich.

Historic Countryside Tours Maps

The Historic Countryside Tours booklets highlight the historical and scenic attractions of the four townships of Waterloo Region and is a great tool for cyclists, day trippers, heritage enthusiasts, local residents and visitors to the region. They are available in four separate accessible maps:

Or as a condensed high-resolution package of four maps

The tours take approximately two to three hours to drive and include stops at heritage buildings, landmarks, scenic roads and trails, and more. The tours are now available for handheld and tablet devices.

Interactive Mapping Application - Historic Countryside Tours in Waterloo Region

Cultural Mapping Project

A region-wide cultural mapping project to create a cultural information database was undertaken in 2008 in collaboration with local Area Municipalities. The Executive Briefing of the Study and a full copy of the Final Report are available for download. 


Maps to Regional Buildings

Base Map Directory

Click the links below to view the available base regional maps.

 City Scale Township Scale Region Scale


 1:25,000North Dumfries  Colour 1:25,000Region   Colour 1:60,000
Cambridge Colour  1:12,000Wellesley   Colour 1:25,000Region B&W 1:60,000
Cambridge   Colour 1:20,000Wilmot
 1:25,000Region Colour 1:100,000
Kitchener  Colour 1:12,000Woolwich Colour 1:25,000  
Kitchener Colour 1:20,000    
Waterloo Colour 1:12,000    
Waterloo   Colour 1:20,000