Cambridge Incentives

map of Cambridge incentivesThe following incentives are available in Cambridge and issued by the City of Cambridge unless otherwise noted. Visit the Incentives page to learn about other incentives, or the Cambridge downtowns or Waterloo Region pages to learn about incentives in those areas.

Joint Tax Increment Grant

Issued by: Region of Waterloo and City of Cambridge

Description: A grant to assist property owners with the remediation of brownfield sites throughout Cambridge. Payments are made after the site has been remediated, redeveloped and reassessed.

Amount: Total amount is generally based on eligible remediation costs. Yearly payments are made to successful applicants (each application for a maximum of 10 years) based on post-development tax assessment increases.

End date: There is no set end date, but it is at the discretion of either Regional or City Council to cancel the program at any time.

Further information: Visit or contact Carolyn Crozier, Principal Planner at 519-575-4757 x 3657 or or Valerie Spring, Senior Planner, Reurbanization at 519-621-0740 x4213 or


Development Charge Reduction for Contaminated Sites

Description: Where a property owner proposes to develop or redevelop a contaminated site that requires remediation, an amount can be credited against the development charge otherwise payable equal to the amount of the costs to clean-up the site.

Amount: Reduction equal to the costs of assessment and clean up of the property, up to the total municipal portion of the otherwise payable development charge.

End date: July 1, 2019, unless by-law is repealed at any earlier date.

Further information: Please refer to Cambridge Development Charge By-law 122-14 or contact Jacqueline Hannemann, DC Coordinator, Development Planning, at 519-621-0740 ext. 4289 or



Designated Heritage Property Grant Program

Description: The Heritage Grant Program provides financial assistance for owners of designated heritage structures for conservation and restoration. The application deadline is the last business day of January each year.

Amount: Owners may qualify for a grant for up to one half the cost of the work carried out to conserve the heritage elements of the building, up to a maximum of $5,000 per calendar year.

Further information: Please contact Laura Waldie, Planner - Heritage at or 519-621-0740 ext. 4788



Boxwood Business Park in CambrideEmployment Land Development Charge Reduction

Description: Development Charge reduction for new buildings or additions on properties within specific designated employment lands.

Amount: Industrially zoned property sold by the City of Cambridge will be exempt from the City's Non-Residential Development Charge. Regional and Educational Development Charges are still applicable.

Further information: Please contact Leah Bozic, Senior Economic Development Officer at 519-740-4683 ext. 4535 or




Disclaimer: The purpose of these program summaries is to provide readers with a quick reference of financial incentives potentially available in each area. They do not constitute complete program descriptions. To determine eligibility, please review the detailed program descriptions or contact the appropriate staff person. It is at the issuer's discretion to cancel an incentive at any time. Information is subject to change and accuracy cannot be guaranteed.