Northdale Area, Waterloo Incentives

Northdale incentive area in WaterlooThe following incentives are available in the Nothdale area of Waterloo and issued by the City of Waterloo unless otherwise noted. Visit the Incentives page to learn about other incentives, or the Waterloo, Uptown Waterloo or Waterloo Region pages to learn about incentives available in those areas.

Northdale Tax Increment Grant

Description: The purpose of this specific program is to promote projects that are "green/sustainable" in the Northdale area of Waterloo (bound by Columbia Street West, King Street North, University Avenue West and Phillip Street) by providing a financial incentive that reduces the property tax increase that typically occurs with such projects for a period of time.

Amount: An annual Grant as a percentage of City property tax increase Generated by the Project, the percentage is based on the sustainability performance (LEED) of the as-built project for up to 10 years, or up to the time when total grant payments equal the total eligible program costs.

End date: The City of Waterloo may discontinue incentives for the Northdale area at any time.

Further information: Please visit Waterloo's Northdale CIP Tax Increment Grant Program page or contact Nancy Gehl, Economic Development at 519-747-8706 or


Disclaimer: The purpose of these program summaries is to provide readers with a quick reference of financial incentives potentially available in each area. They do not constitute complete program descriptions. To determine eligibility, please review the detailed program descriptions or contact the appropriate staff person. It is at the issuers' discretion to cancel an incentive at any time. Information is subject to change and accuracy cannot be guaranteed.