Road & Traffic Permits

Get an application for various permits on Regional Roads.


Access Permits 

An access permit may be required of all persons, agencies, corporations (private or public) or institutions in order to gain approval of a development control application including a severance, plan of subdivision, rezoning, variance or site plan approval or when a new access (driveway) or change to an existing access is needed.

Read the Policies and Procedures for Access onto Regional Roads

Regional Council has approved new fees for access permits. The following documents reflect these changes.

Read the instructions for filling out an access permit, then chose either the fillable Word document permit or the printable PDF permit below.

Fillable Application/Payment for Access Permit (Word)

Printable Application/Payment for Access Permit (PDF)

  • Please print and send your completed application via mail, fax or in person.

Fax: 519-575-4449

Mail or in person:

Region of Waterloo Corridor Planning
150 Frederick St. 8th floor
Kitchener, Ontario  N2G 4J3


Work Permit

It is the Region's responsibility to protect its infrastructure and to manage traffic flow on its roads. Therefore, prior approval must be obtained from the Region by anyone planning work on or adjacent to a Regional road.

A work permit is required for anyone wanting to occupy a Regional road, shoulder, sidewalk or right-of-way, even if the work is not expected to damage the road. The permit must be obtained in advance of the work being done. See the schedule below for more information.

A permit is required for all work including excavation, cut or trench; to install, construct, place, move, remove, relocate, adjust, alter, clean, maintain, test, repair, replace, improve or restore infrastructure in, over, under, across or along a Regional road, or on any road that extends from a Regional road on to private property, or on an unopened Regional road.

If a Work Permit is required for the purpose of constructing or modifying an access in which an Access Permit was required and approved, a copy of the approved Access Permit must accompany the submission of the Work Permit. 

Obtaining A Permit

Applications must be submitted based on the following prior to the planned date of the work.

Allow 10 business days to process permit for full road closures (40 business days for detours to Provincial Highways)

Allow 5 business days to process permit for works requiring lane closures

Allow 3 business days for works not requiring lane closures

Apply for a Work Permit

Additional requirements:

The use of temporary electronic traffic control devices requires prior approval from the Region before use.

Traffic control must meet Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7 Temporary Conditions. Link to Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7 Temporary Conditions

Certificate of Insurance (must be completed by your insurer to obtain a work permit)

Certificate of Insurance

For more specific details including exceptions link to work permit by-law

Review the Regional Standard Construction Specifications (Page 24)


Special Event Permit

A special event permit is required for anyone wanting to hold a parade/procession, ceremony, street dance/party, beer garden, solicitation of donations from a motor vehicle (toll road), sidewalk/street sale, festival/carnival, race/walk-a-thon, demonstration or any similar event that requires a lane or road closure or may interfere with the normal flow of traffic on a Regional Road, but does not include a wedding or funeral procession, picketing, or an activity for which the Region has granted a Filming Event Permit or a Work Permit.

Apply for  a Special Event Permit

To obtain approval for:

City of Cambridge contact via Email or Phone: 519-621-0740 x4324

City of Kitchener contact via Email or Phone: 519-741-2200 x7373

City of Waterloo contact via Email or Phone: 519-886-2310 x30270

Township of Woolwich contact via Email or Phone: 519-669-6041

For more specific details governing special events click on Special Event Bylaw 05-076


Filming Event Permit

A filming event permit is required for anyone wanting to film, videotape, photograph or any other form of visual recording for a feature film, television, film, television program, documentary, commercial, music video, educational film or other purpose but does not include interviews, newscasts or press conferences on Regional premises.

Any organization/person planning a filming event on a Regional road must first obtain proper approval.

Apply for a Filming Event Permit

For more specific details governing filming events click on Filming Event Bylaw 05-075


Oversize Load Permit

An oversize load permit is required to move oversized loads that exceed Ministry of Transportation accepted limits by height, length, width or weight as set out in the Highway Traffic Act.

Applications should be submitted a minimum of 5 working days prior to the planned date of the move.

Applications for loads that exceed accepted limits require engineering review and should be submitted at least 15 working days prior to the planned date of the move.

Class of Load Information

(overall measurements of load and vehicle)





 1 or 2

 4.15 m to 4.4 m  2.6 m to 4.2 m  11.0 m to 24.0 m

 3 or 4

 > 4.4 m  > 4.2 m  >24.0 m

Apply for an Oversize Load Permit

Note - Certificate of Insurance required for all Class 3 or 4 permits. (The Region of Waterlooo, 3 Cities and4 Townships must be included as additionally insured.)

Regional Roads do not have "Half Load" restrictions.  Click here to refer to the Regional Roads by Name List for a list of Regional Roads. 

For questions please email or call


Temporary Sign Permit

A temporary sign permit is required for anyone wanting to put a sign on dedicated lands (lands set back from the normal property line and designated for Region of Waterloo future use).

The Region of Waterloo does not allow signs on the road allowance except for specific sign types included in the sign bylaw.

Link to a copy of the Temporary Sign Permit Application.

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