Waterloo Region Incentives

Waterloo Region incentives mapThe following incentives are available in Waterloo Region and issued by the Region of Waterloo unless otherwise noted. Visit the Incentives page to learn about other incentives in the area municipalities.

Regional Development Charge Exemptions (Brownfields)

Description: Brownfield sites may be eligible for Regional Development Charge (RDC) Exemptions to help cover the cost of remediation. The value of the RDC Exemption is based on the sum of direct costs of remediation plus 20 per cent for indirect costs, less any additional financial assistance previously received. This exemption applies to all of Waterloo Region, except for the core areas of Cambridge and Kitchener, where development charges are waived for all developments.

Amount: The value of the Brownfields RDC Exemption is calculated as the sum of the direct costs of remediating a brownfield site plus a pre-determined allowance for indirect remediation costs. The Exemption is then reduced by the value of any other financial assistance provided by the Brownfield Financial Incentive Program.

End date: February 28, 2019

Further information: Visit or contact Carolyn Crozier, Principal Planner at 519-575-4757 x3657 or


Waterloo Regional Heritage Foundation - Property Grant

Issued by: Waterloo Regional Heritage Foundation

Description: Owners of properties designated under the Ontario Heritage Act, protected by a conservation easement agreement, or a Historic Site designation, may receive grants in support of the restoration of their heritage resource. There are also grants for project/events and publications.

Amount: Capital grants may be approved for up to 50 per cent of project costs.

Further information: Visit, or contact Foundation Secretary Administrative Services at 519-575-4493 or


New Multi-Residential Developments

Description: New multi-residential developments with a building permit issued after April 11, 2001 with six units or more are automatically provided with the optional property tax class at the time of assessment.

Amount: Properties under this class receive a preferential tax ratio of 1.000 for 35 years.

Further information: Contact Julie Bradey, Financial Analyst - Tax Policy at 519-575-4546 or


Capital Grant for Affordable Rental Housing

Funded by: Region of Waterloo, Province of Ontario, Government of Canada. Administered by the Region of Waterloo.

Description: Capital grants help offset the capital costs of building new affordable rental housing. Must apply under Request for Proposals for the Affordable Housing Strategy Program. Next anticipated RFP to be issued late 2016 or early 2017.

Amount: The 2015 rate was the lesser of up to $125,000 or up to 75 per cent of total capital costs per unit.

End date: December 31, 2019

Further Information: Visit the Community Services Funding for Creating New Rental Housing page or contact Jeff Schumacher, Supervisor, Housing Supply Initiatives at 519-575-4821 or


Regional Development Charge Grant (Affordable Housing)

Description: Limited grants to offset Regional Development Charges (RDC) for rental and supportive housing project priorities that proceed to building permit stage on a first-come, first-served basis. Only applicable for projects that have received a capital grant through the Affordable Housing Strategy Program.

Amount: The entire Regional Development Charge subject to availability.

End date: December 31, 2019

Further Information: Visit the Community Services Funding for Creating New Rental Housing page or contact Jeff Schumacher, Supervisor, Housing Supply Initiatives at 519-575-4821 or


Regional Development Charge (RDC) Reduction for Industrial Use

Description: Reduced rates for a new industrial building or an enlargement of more than 50 per cent of the gross floor area of an existing industrial building, as defined in the Regional Development Charge By-law 14-046.

Amount: A 50 per cent reduction in the non-residential Regional Development Charge rates.

End date: Effective until July 31, 2019 when the authorizing Region Development Charge By-law 14-046 will be reviewed, unless repealed earlier.

Further information: Please see the Regional Development Charges By-law Section 4(2)a and Schedule A (Part II) or contact Erin Gray, Financial Analyst at 519-575-4490 ext.3623 or


Regional Redevelopment Allowances

Description: New development replacing existing development may be entitled to a credit. This credit may only be applied against regional development charges otherwise payable. Redevelopment allowances are given in accordance with Schedule A, Part III of By-law 14-046 in recognition of the value of services previously provided to the site. These allowances are valid for up to seven years from the date of issuance of demolition permit.

Amount: Regional development charges otherwise payable.

End date: February 28, 2019.

Further information: Please see the Regional Development Charge By-law 14-046, Schedule A, Part III.


Development Charge Exemption for Industrial Development

Description: If development includes the enlargement of the gross floor area of an existing industrial building, the amount of the development charge that is payable in respect of the enlargement is determined in accordance with Section 4 and Resulations of the Ontario Development Charge Act, 1997, c. 27.

Amount: If the gross floor area is enlarged by 50 per cent or less, the amount of the development charge in respect of the enlargement is zero. 1997, c. 27 s. 4(2)

Further information: For terms and details, please refer to the appropriate municipal development charges by-law, or consult the finance department of the appropriate municipality. Both regional and area municipal levels of government offer this exemption.



Disclaimer: The purpose of these program summaries is to provide readers with a quick reference of financial incentives potentially available in each area. They do not constitute complete program descriptions. To determine eligibility, please review the detailed program descriptions or contact the appropriate staff person. It is at the issuers' discretion to cancel an incentive at any time. Information is subject to change and accuracy cannot be guaranteed.