Frequently Asked Questions for Accessible Drivers

What training is required in order for a taxi-cab driver to operate an accessible taxi-cab?

A taxi-cab driver who wishes to operate an accessible taxi-cab must complete accessibility training, as approved by the Clerk, before operating an accessible taxi-cab.

What type of vehicle is required in order to provide accessible taxi-cab service?

The new By-law does not specify a particular style or make of vehicle to be must be used as an accessible taxi-cab; the By-law defines an "Accessible taxi-cab" as

"a Motor Vehicle  which has been built or modified in a manner that allows the conveyance of one (1) or more Passengers confined to Wheelchairs."

Can I use a meter in my accessible taxi-cab?

Accessible taxi-cabs under the sponsorship of a Metered Taxi-cab Broker are required to install, and in some circumstances, use a taxi-cab meter in the vehicle. 

Accessible taxi-cabs under the sponsorship of an Auxiliary Taxi-cab Broker are not required to install or use a taxi-cab meter as their taxi-cab service fees will be decided by a mobile application system where the customer agrees to, or disagrees to, the fee before the trip commences. 

Are there special conditions for a Metered Taxi-cab Broker as it relates to accessible taxi-cabs?

Yes, a Metered Taxi-cab Broker must maintain at least seven (7%) percent of the Metered Taxi-cabs under it's sponsorship as Accessible Taxi-cabs, in addition;

  • Persons in a wheelchair take priority
  • No surcharge can be placed on accessible rides.

Are there minimum operating hours required for Accessible taxi-cabs?

No, the By-law does not regulate minimum operating hours.

Can I hold an accessible taxi-cab driver license and a taxi-cab driver license at the same time?

There is no longer an "accessible taxi-cab driver license", instead any taxi-cab driver who has completed the accessibility course, approved by the Clerk, and provids proof to the Region will have their taxi-cab driver license endorsed as "accessible class" allowing the taxi-cab driver to drive any type of taxi-cab under the sponsorship of the taxi-cab driver's broker.   The upgrade to accessible is free.