Types of Taxi Services

There will now only be two types of Taxi-cab services within the Region of Waterloo: Metered Taxi-cab Brokers (traditional metered taxis) and Auxiliary Taxi-cab Brokers (taxis without meters such as limousines and rideshare services).

Brokers Issuing Licences

Brokers that are designated by the Regional Clerk, may issue Taxi-cab Driver and Owner/Vehicle Licences and collect/ remit the fees to the Region. These licences are issued at a reduced cost.

For more information on the Fees and Charges please see By-law 16-045.

Taxi-cab Limits

Currently Metered Taxi-cabs numbers are frozen at 368 until 2019. This will be under review. There are no limits imposed on Auxiliary Taxi-cabs.

General Liability Insurance

As outlined in Part I of the Taxi-Cab By-law; all Taxi-cab Brokers must carry General Liability Insurance.

All Service Providers Must be Licensed As a Broker

All taxi-cab services, either metered or auxiliary, must now be licensed.

More Information

Visit our By-law Enforcement page for timeline and reports leading up to the By-law approval.  Alternatively you can email or call the office at 519-575-4400. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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