Business Counts

Waterloo Region currently has over 48,000 registered businesses, according to Statistics Canada. Of the 15,610 businesses with an employee base, the majority (72 per cent) had between 1 and 9 employees, which accounts for the small businesses located in the region. Larger businesses with an employment count of 100 or more made up approximately three per cent of this total. One quarter of businesses, considered medium-sized, had between 10 and 99 employees.

Business Establishments by Number of Employees in Waterloo Region, 2015

MunicipalityTotalOwner-operatedTotal with
Small (1-9)Medium
Large (100+)
Waterloo Region48,82933,21915,610 11,2014,000409
Waterloo11,5388,001 3,5372,50195086
Cambridge10,9077,049 3,8582,6841,046128
Woolwich3,1842,224 96064728825
Wilmot2,3071,624683 51715412
Wellesley1,4521,073379 306712
North Dumfries1,048680 36825010612

*Refers to indeterminate businesses without a payroll, often including self-employed trades workers and those running home-based businesses

Source: Statistics Canada, Canadian Business Counts December 2015

Workplace Count Project

This summer, the Region of Waterloo, in collaboration with the Cities and Townships, will conduct the Workplace Count, a survey of places of employment in Waterloo Region. The information provided by businesses will help us better plan for future business growth in Waterloo Region, and meet ongoing needs for services and infrastructure. For more information about this project, visit the Workplace Count page.