One Licence

There will no longer be multiple Taxi Driver Licence types available. Only one type of licence is needed to drive for a Metered Taxi-cab Broker or an Auxiliary Taxi-Cab. It is simply called a Taxi-cab Driver's Licence. The new licence may also be upgraded for free to have an Accessible endorsement, with proof of successfully completing an Accessibility Training Program.

Existing holders of Limousine Taxi-cab and Special Transportation Services Taxi-cab  Driver's licences will be issued the new Taxi-cab Driver's licence as long as their current licence is valid, in good standing and meets the criteria of the new by-law.

Short Term Licence

During the by-law review, a new short term Taxi-cab Driver's licence was created. This licence is valid for 30 days and allows Brokers to temporarily increase driver levels for peak service demands around holidays and special events.

The same requirements and criteria applies to this licence as would a normal licence.

Taxi-cab Driver Criteria

A new criteria was established as part of the Region's commitment to public safety and security. It has stringent requirements for new applicants and for licence renewals. As an example, an applicant that has 6 demerit points or more will not be issued a Taxi-cab Driver's Licence.

The criteria also includes items such as criminal convictions, licence suspensions and other serious driving offences. 

More Information

Visit our By-law Enforcement page for timeline and reports leading up to the By-law approval.  Alternatively you can email or call the office at 519-575-4400.  

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