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The Context-Sensitive Regional Transportation Corridor Guidelines provide design standards for planning and designing complete streets that include space for all modes of transportation.

Transportation Impact Study Guidelines

The Transportation Impact Study Guidelines is an important tool in the overall development planning process. The guidelines assist developers and public agencies in making land use decisions, provide information that identifies the impacts of proposed development on the existing streets and circulation networks and recommend mitigation measures for the impacts identified.

Intersection Control Studies

As part of a transportation assessment it may be necessary to complete an Intersection Control Study (ICS). This study includes an in-depth analysis of the cost, property impacts and safety of alternative intersection control schemes at one or more study area intersections. Contact the Transportation Planning Corridor Management group before completing an ICS. Regional Staff will assist with organizing an ICS pre-study meeting to ensure that the most up-to-date requirements are identified.

Roundabout Guidelines

The Region of Waterloo has a Roundabout policy that states that an Intersection Control Study be conducted when design work is being considered for:

  • a new intersection on a Regional road
  • an existing intersection where traffic signals are warranted
  • an existing Regional road intersection that is programmed for improvements to address an identified safety or capacity problem;
  • any other location as determined by Regional staff or Regional Councillors.

Roundabout Feasibility Study Documents:

Roundabout Workshop Documents:

Section 1: Overview of Roundabout Feasibility Process and Planning Process Flowchart
Section 2: Roundabout Screening Tool
Section 3: Roundabout Feasibility Initial Screening Tool Guide Sample and Blank Copy
Section 4: Sample Completed Screening Tool
Section 5: Transportation Impact Study Guidelines

Requirements for Collision Estimation and Cost Calculation

These requirements should be used when preparing collision related analysis as part of a Transportation Impact Study (TIS), a Roundabout Feasibility Initial Screening Tool, or an Intersection Control Study (ICS). These requirements include input data on collision rates and trends in the Region of Waterloo. This data is updated occasionally. It is expected that the most recent data available will be used at the time of submission for any of these studies. Please contact the Transportation Engineering group to confirm that you have the most recent information.

Download the requirements.

Requirements for Capacity Analysis, Roundabout and Signal Warrants

These requirements should be used with the Transportation Impact Study (TIS) Guidelines above.

Download the requirements.

Implementation Guideline for Noise Policies

This implementation guideline describes the process of assessing noise impacts, the responsibilities of the various parties, and the procedure for implementing noise reduction requirements.

Click here to download the Implementation Guideline for Noise Policies

Click here to download the Noise Assessment Application & Fee Form