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Taxi-cab Driver's No Longer Included

As part of the new By-law, a taxi-cab Driver's licence is no longer included with a Vehicle/Owner licence. A separate application must be completed for a Taxi-cab Driver's licence, please see Part II of the by-law for information and criteria.


All Vehicle/Owners must have and maintain proper insurance in order to provide Taxi services within the Region of Waterloo.

Type of Vehicles 

Any type of vehicles can be used for taxi services provided they do not seat more than six and they meet safety requirements, such as a safety inspection certificate or propane certificate. Depending on the vehicle's age certain yearly certificates are required.

The vehicle must also display, at minimum, two 200 cm square decals, and the vehicle will be be inspected by Regional staff annually.

Inspections by Region Staff

All vehicles licensed by the Region of Waterloo to provide taxi services are subject to both annual and random inspections.

More Information

Visit our By-law Enforcement page for timeline and reports leading up to the By-law approval.  Alternatively you can email or call the office at 519-575-4400.  

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