More Choice/Options

You told us you wanted more choice in hiring taxi and taxi type services.  During public consultations, the Region learned that the majority of people wished to have access to both traditional metered taxi-cabs and ridesharing vehicles.  The new rules allow for this choice and create healthy competition for the benefit of the customer.

Passenger Safety

The new rules focus on public safety.  All drivers must meet the Region's requirements for criminal background and driving history checks.  All vehicles must be inspected annually for safety and proper licenses.  Automobile liability insurance with a minimum of $2 million coverage is also required. 


If you are hailing a traditional metered taxi-cab on the street, at a taxi stand or via the telephone you will be charged the Region approved taxi rate.  The rate must be posted in the taxi.  The broker/driver can offer you a discounted rate. 

If you book any type of taxi-service via an app, the cost for transportation will be the price you as the customer agree to through that mobile app.

Accessible Taxi-cab Vehicles

Accessible taxi service is important to the Region.  Metered Taxi-cab brokers are required to maintain at least 7% of their vehicles as accessible taxi-cabs.  Auxiliary Taxi-cabs that do not provide this service must pay a fee in lieu of providing the service.  This fee will be used to support accessible transportation programs in the Region.

More information 

Visit our By-law Enforcement page for timeline and reports leading up to the By-law approval.  Alternatively you can email or call the office at 519-575-4400.