Salvage Yards and Shops

Licensing and Enforcement Services is responsible for licensing Salvage Yards and Shops in accordance with consolidated by-law 05-063. There are 18 licensed salvage yards and 2 licensed salvage shops operating in the Region of Waterloo. 

What's involved in getting a Salvage Yard Licence?

Before a Salvage Yard Licence is issued, staff notify the local municipality, the Fire Department, Ministry of Environment and our Regional Lab for comments of concern. Zoning is a key element in the approval of a Salvage Yard Licence; therefore, a letter of zoning compliance is required before a licence can be issued. Providing no concerns are raised, staff will continue with the application process by investigating the premises to ensure the applicant is in compliance with the by-law. The applicant is required to supply along with their application, a Site and Operation Plan detailing compliance with the by-law. Note the application process can take up to 30 days to be completed. 

What's involved in getting a Salvage Shop Licence?

Since a Salvage Shop has all of the "salvaging" work performed within the building itself, the application process is not as detailed as with the Salvage Yard Licence. The applicant will be required to provide a letter of zoning compliance in addition to the general administrative requirements.

Who inspects Salvage Yards and Shops?

The Municipal Law Enforcement Officers inspects each Salvage Yard or Shop two times a year. Should there be concerns involving the Fire Code, or environmental issues, staff contact the appropriate office.