Second Hand Goods Shops

Licensing and Enforcement Services is responsible for licensing Second Hand Goods Shops and Second Hand Dealers in accordance with consolidated by-law 05-062. There are 71 licensed second hand shops and 4 licensed second hand dealers in the Region of Waterloo.

Who Needs a Second Hand Goods Shop Licence?

Owners of shops buying, selling or exchanging second hand goods are required to be licensed. For example this includes; electronic equipment, sports equipment, jewelry. For further information please review Schedule "A" of consolidated by-law 05-062.

Who Needs a Second Hand Dealer Licence?

Anyone who is dealing in Second Hand Goods that does not have a shop "building" to operate from is required to obtain a Second Hand Goods Dealer Licence.

Who inspects these Second Hand Shops?

A Municipal Law Enforcement Officer will inspect each Second Hand Shop once a year. The Officer will ensure the register is being completed properly, the licence is visible and that the items for sale are logged in the register. In addition to the Municipal Law Enforcement Officer, Waterloo Regional Police frequently review the contents of second hand shops to determine if the second hand good for sale is a reported stolen item.