Each year, Regional planners estimate the number of people living in Waterloo Region. As of year-end 2016, the population estimate was 583,500. Based on this estimate, over the past 15 years the Region's population has grown an average of 1.53 per cent per year. The Regional population estimates provide the best estimate of the total number of people and households in the region, as they take into account the Census population, estimated to year-end, the Census undercount and full-time post-secondary students.

There are two other commonly referenced population figures for Waterloo Region. Statistics Canada released results from the 2016 Census of Canada showing a Census population of 535,154. Additionally, the Province of Ontario outlines population forecasts in the Places to Grow - Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe. For 2016, the estimated Places to Grow population for Waterloo Region is 556,600. The Places to Grow population includes a four per cent Census undercount, but excludes students. For further discussion on these figures please refer to the report below.

Population and Household Publications 

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