The Licensing and Enforcement Services section of the Region of Waterloo is responsible for regulating the taxi industry.  Licensed taxi-cabs are required to display a Taxi-cab plate on the rear of the vehicle. 

Each licensed taxi-cab is inspected annually for safety and the meter is inspected at that time, for accuracy. Taxi-cabs are required to be clean, in good repair and mechanically safe.  Once a taxi-cab meter has been tested and determined to be operating accurately, the meter is sealed to prevent tampering. 

All drivers providing a taxi-cab service with the Region of Waterloo are required to be licensed.  As part of the licensing process both a police and driving record check is carried out and the driver must provide proof of english literacy. Licensed taxi-cab drivers are required to post their licence in a visible place.  The licence contains their picture, first name and taxi-cab licence number.  Part of the requirement to drive a taxi-cab is that you obtain sponsorship from an existing company (companies and contact info is listed below).  The president of a taxi company must sign your application form. Details of the cost of the licence are noted on the form. Drivers are required to renew their licence on an annual basis  before 4:30 p.m. on the day/month of their date of birth, with a renewal form

In order to operate your own taxi-cab you must be part of the one of the existing taxi companies.   Licences are issued on a 1:1650 ratio (one licence for every 1,650 people).  Details on the requirements and the cost are listed on the application form.  Owner's are required to renew on an annual basis before 4:30 p.m. on the day/month of their date of birth, renewal forms are available at the licensing office. 

Taxi Companies:

CompanyPhone Number
A-1 Waterloo Taxi (Elmira) 519-886-1200
Golden Triangle Inc. 519-621-5650
Kitchener City Cabs 519-742-4404
New Hamburg Taxi 519-662-3240
United Taxi 519-888-9999
Waterloo Taxi 519-886-1200

If you have any further questions on the enforcement of taxi-cabs, becoming a driver or an owner please contact our office at 519-575-4400 or email