Commuter Stories

Sustainable commuting ultimately comes down to individual choice. It is a matter of personal commitment and a lifestyle choice. Biking, carpooling, walking, taking transit, scootering, rollerblading... it doesn't work for everyone. But for those who would like to try, read on for some real-world success stories that highlight how it can be healthy, offers quality family time, cheaper, and just plain fun!

Here are YOUR Commuter Stories:Amy.png

Amy MacArthur: Region of Waterloo

Every morning my 14-month-old son is excited to put on his bike helmet and climb into the bike trailer. We enjoy the fresh air and time together as I bike him to day care, and then continue on to work myself. Our bike ride home is just as much fun, sometimes stopping at the park or exploring a new route home. It's a great opportunity for me to fit some exercise into my day, while instilling the value of an active lifestyle in my son.

Christina.pngChristina Koenig: YMCA Immigrant Services

I choose to walk to work every day for many reasons. For one it is great exercise and helps me to feel balanced. I can always say I walked even if I can't always say that I made it to yoga class or the gym. It is nice to spend some time outdoors and have some time to myself before I begin my day. Walking is so valuable when I have a busy day ahead. It helps me think clearly and handle the unexpected with a calm and confident feeling.

Victoria Dobson: Sun Life FinancialVictoria.png

I use a combination of GRT and carpooling to get to and from work. My husband drives within a few blocks of Sun Life on his own commute to work, so it makes sense for us to split the ride! As our hours don't always coincide, it isn't always possible to carpool with him both ways. GRT is a great substitute for times like these!

Victoria was also the winner of our Sony eReader during Carpool Week 2012!

Dan.pngDan Vandebelt: Region of Waterloo

Why drive to work when you can walk? Why bike to work when you can trike?

Walking to work is a great time for calm before the day starts. Walking home at the end of a busy day is an amazing time to relax and remember again all there is to smile about.

Marc Xuereb: Region of WaterlooMarcX.JPG

When my partner and I were looking to buy our first home 10 years ago, we were determined to find one within walking distance of my workplace. I live less than 1 km from 99 Regina, and have biked or walked every day to work - year-round - since I started working here in 2001. I can count the number of times I've used the employee Parkade in the last decade on my hand!