Roundabout Education Campaign

Education Campaign through the Years

The Region is continually working on roundabout education and different ways to share the information.  Public education is a vital component of the roundabout system, in fact education campaigns and material date as far back as 2004.

Below are different education campaigns the Region has had since 2011: 

2015 Education Campaign:

Don't Be a Dinosaur Training Video

2014 & 2013 Education Campaign:

  • "How the heck do you drive in a roundabout?!" Education Video
  • Distribution of Educational Brochures and DVD's
    • Thousands of education materials were distributed to schools, companies, and government. 
  • Roundabout Display Boards
    • Roundabout display boards that held roundabout brochures and DVD's were put up at local municipalities and local businesses. 
  • Roundabout Information Sessions (2013 only)
    • Staff went out into the community and held information sessions for residents and business owners.
    • An example of a session held for the public was one on the Hespeler and Queen Roundabout. 
  • Portable Variable Message Signs (PVMS)
    • These signs have been and will continue to be used at various roundabouts to display a variety of different messages.
    • The messages have been based on different types of collisions occurring in the roundabout.

2012 Education Campaign:

  • "Learn the Turn! ... Roundabout Essentials 2012"
    • An education campaign that included a new roundabout training video. 
    • The video teaches the essential skills needed to drive a roundabout properly, safely and easily.  It takes you step by step through driving in a roundabout. 
    • To learn how to drive in a roundabout go to "How to Use a Roundabout"
  • Roundabout Presentation
    • The following presentation was provided to Regional Council members and the public on October 30, 2012. 
    • This presentation provides an overview of motorist and pedestrian safety, the selection process, driving etiquette, crossing options and considerations.  Presentation.

2011 Education Campaign:

  • "Practice makes Perfect!" Education Campaign
    • Included a series of 4 instructional television commercials highlighting proper driving habits at roundabouts.
    • The video can be found under "How to Use a Roundabout"
  • Great Roundabout Radio Contest
    • To teach and remind the community on important points of driving in a roundabout the Region held a contest, where local high school students produced Radio commercials.
    • The commercials were aired on 91.5 The Beat in February 2012.
    • Congratulations to all the winners, everyone did a great job.  Click on the links below to listen to the winners commercials:

"Signalling in a Roundabout"

Huron Heights Students: Holly Ardelean, Holly Gadsby, Alyse Martin, and Chelsea Hewines. 

Radio commercial. 


"Overtaking/Passing in a Roundabout"

Resurrection Students: Adeline Rivas and Tamas Feher.

Radio commercial. 


 "Yielding to Pedestrians when Approaching or Exiting a Roundabout"

Resurrection Students: Erich Schleicher and Matt Kustra

Radio commercial.


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Request Education Materials

Besides the website the Region provides other educational materials such as a variety of brochures and the "How the Heck do you Drive in a Roundabout" DVD.


Below are links to the electronic version of the brochures and DVD:

 "How To Drive, Walk, and Bike in a Roundabout" Brochure

 "Pedestrians Take the Lead" Brochure

 "Let's Improve, Signal your Move" Brochure

 "How the Heck do Drive in a Roundabout" DVD.

 "A Yield Collision You can Avoid"


Please feel free to send requests for any of the above brochures or DVD's in hardcopy to or call Transportation at

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