Roundabout Locations

As of January 2017, there are 30 roundabouts on Regional roads. There are also roundabouts on city streets.


Existing Regional Roundabouts


  • Can-Amera Parkway and Conestoga Boulevard
  • Can-Amera Parkway and Townline Road
  • Fountain Street and Blair Road
  • Fountain Street and Dickie Settlement Road
  • Fountain Street and Kossuth Road
  • Franklin Boulevard and Bishop Street
  • Franklin Boulevard and Clyde Road
  • Franklin Boulevard and Main Street
  • Franklin Boulevard and Pinebush Road
  • Franklin Boulevard and Savage Drive
  • Franklin Boulevard and Sheldon Drive
  • Hespeler Road and Beaverdale Road/Queen Street
  • Pinebush Road and Thompson Drive 


  • Bleams Road and Manitou Drive
  • Bridge Street and Lancaster Street
  • Fairway Road and Zeller Drive 
  • Fischer-Hallman Road and Huron Road
  • Fischer-Hallman Road and Seabrook Drive
  • Homer Watson Boulevard and Block Line Road 
  • Ira Needles Boulevard and The Boardwalk
  • Ira Needles Boulevard and Highland Road
  • Ira Needles Boulevard and Highview Drive/Trussler Road
  • Ira Needles Boulevard and Victoria Street


  • Erb Street and Costco Lane/Waterloo Landfill Lane Gate One
  • Erb Street and Platinum Drive/Waterloo Landfill Lane Gate Two
  • Ira Needles Boulevard and Erb Street/Erbsville Road
  • Ira Needles Boulevard and Thorndale Drive
  • Ira Needles Boulevard and University Avenue
  • Westmount Road and Laurelwood Drive - partially open


  • Arthur Street and Sawmill Road

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Potential Roundabout Locations


  • Fountain Street and Maple Grove Road
  • Franklin Boulevard:
    • Franklin Boulevard and Can-Amera Parkway
    • Franklin Boulevard and Saginaw Parkway
    • Franklin Boulevard and Avenue Road
    • Franklin Boulevard and Dundas Street
    • Franklin Boulevard and Champlain Boulevard
  • Water Street and South Boundary Road
  • Franklin Boulevard and South Boundary Road
  • Dundas Street and South Boundary Road


  • Fischer-Hallman Road and Bleams Road
  • Fischer-Hallman Road and Rosenburg Way

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Click here for a map of Region of Waterloo roundabout locations.  This map contains the following information:

  • Existing Roundabout Locations and the year it was built
  • Proposed Roundabout Locations and the proposed year of construction