Understanding Roundabout Signage

What do the signs at a roundabout mean?

Roundabout SignMeaning of Sign
roundaboutaheadsignRoundabout Ahead. 
chooseyourdestinationsignThe roundabout at the intersection of Highland Road West and Ira Needles Boulevard.  Choose your destination.
keeptotherightsignKeep To the Right. 

There are two entry lanes to this roundabout. Choose the correct lane for your destination.

  • If you are turning left, get in the left lane.
  • If you are turning right, get in the right lane.
  • If you are going straight through you can be in either lane.
Various lane combinations are possible depending on the roundabout design. The circular symbol represents the central island and the lane beside it is the left-lane/inside lane of the roundabout.  Do not change lanes within the roundabout.

Yield to all traffic in the roundabout, including pedestrians at the crosswalk. Remember "Yield" means you may have to stop.


One-way traffic that is counter-clockwise in a roundabout.


Flag exit signs are situated on splitter islands and identify each leg of the roundabout. These signs are intended to reassure that you have chosen the appropriate exit leg.

This exit is Arthur Street. Use your right-turn signal to signal your exit.


 Yield here to pedestrian.


Right lane ends. Find a suitable gap and merge with traffic in left lane. If you are already in the left lane, be prepared to provide a gap for merging traffic.