Waterloo Region Road and Lane Closures

A listing of Waterloo Region closure information.View Map


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Tips to reduce delays during construction:

  • Avoid rush hour travel - Travel before or after the rush to get to and from work if you can, or take alternate routes and save non-essential travel for the less busy times of the day. This will help reduce the overall volume of traffic trying to squeeze through reduced lanes in the construction areas.
  • Carpool - Visit and sign up to find a carpool buddy. Even if you need your car during the day, you can always find a carpool buddy who does not and just a ride to and from work. You will not only help reduce traffic, you can also save money on gas and parking costs too.
  • Take transit - Go to and check out schedules for GRT routes that can get you to your destination. The bus needs to use the road too, but if more people take transit and leave their cars behind, there will be less traffic building up in construction areas.

To find more information about how you can change the way you travel around Waterloo Region, visit our cycling, walking, carpooling and transit pages.