Commuter Challenge 2013 - It's YOUR Move!

The Region of Waterloo's Commuter Challenge team would like to thank all of our participants. We are expecting a fantastic week, allowing us to engage a lot of people in sustainable commuting, while hosting a great event. Read on for all the details!

Regional Results

For the third year in a row, the Region placed first in Ontario for our population category, and second across Canada. This year we engaged approximately 2000 commuters from 72 organizations, resulting in:

  • 29,901kg of reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • 11,859 litres of saved fuel
  • 1,586,027 calories burned

Organization Results

Want to know how your organization placed? Click here to see the list of first, second, and third place winners for employers of different size categories. You can still visit the national Commuter Challenge website for detailed lists of employer-specific results.

Prize Winners

The prize winners for the 2013 Commuter Challenge will been drawn from a pool of this years entries. Last year over 8,000 sustainable commuting trips were made! Congratulations to all the lucky winners.


We organized several events throughout the week to celebrate sustainable transportation:

  • TravelWise, in partnership with the City of Kitchener and Sustainable Waterloo Region, held a great kickoff event on Monday, June 4, where over 130 people listened to Hans Moor's story about how the Netherlands developed their cycling culture and what lessons we can learn.
  • Grand River Transit also held a 2-for-1 Transit Tuesday on June 5, where 2,546 riders received free trips for taking transit with a friend or co-worker.
  • On Wednesday June 6, Planning Commissioner Rob Horne challenged Regional staff to participate in the Commuter Challenge. Rob challenged staff to sustainably travel along the Central Transit Corridor and visit the corridor's future rapid transit station areas. When visiting the station areas, participants wrote brief descriptions about their sustainable trips, and what makes the station areas interesting. A number of Regional staff participated by sharing their stories and photos. Rob travelled from Ainslie Street Terminal in Cambridge to Conestoga Mall in Waterloo in three hours by carsharing, bussing, cycling and jogging.
  • Throughout the week, we also worked with Miovision Technologies and the City of Waterloo to count the number of cyclists and pedestrians travelling past the Clay and Glass Gallery along Waterloo's Laurel Trail. We counted 626 cyclists and 265 pedestrians throughout the week! For more info visit Miovision's blog.

Contest Terms and Conditions

The 2012 Commuter Challenge in Waterloo Region is brought to you by:

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