Rapid Transit

A rapid transit system in the region, connecting the urban areas of Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo, will not only address the Region's future transportation needs but will shape our community's future. Rapid transit will help prevent urban sprawl, create attractive, livable, vibrant urban spaces in our central transit corridor, move people and reduce road requirements.

For more information please visit the Rapid Transit website.

Rapid transit is planned to proceed in the context of a Region-wide transit system, integrating rapid transit and a network of Grand River Transit bus routes.





The Community Building Strategy examines the relationship between the Central Transit Corridor and the Region's cities and neighbourhoods, and help identify the initiatives and investments needed to support rapid transit, as well as the community benefits that will come with it. It is an important tool that will help us shape the future of our entire community. It will help us focus new development within existing urban areas, especially in our downtown core and at rapid transit stops, shaping growth so that we can stop urban sprawl and protect our agricultural and environmentally sensitive areas.

For more information, please visit the Community Building Strategy page.