Some 700 kilometres of roads, most of them in rural areas, lace the Region of Waterloo. We have approximately 160 bridges and 480 traffic signals, the majority under computer control in our Traffic Control Centre.

An effective transportation network is a Regional priority. Our goal is two-fold: to encourage residents to reduce their dependence on cars and to move people and goods safely and efficiently.

What determines if a road is regional? A Regional Road is defined as an arterial road which carries a significant amount of traffic, and has a connection to provincial highways or rural settlements, or to major commercial, industrial or institutional complexes.

List of regional roads.

Public Input

We ask the public for their opinions on a variety of issues affecting roads to assist us in making decisions to maximize services and safety.  There are currently no active surveys.

Road Construction

Construction page.

Road Maintenance

The Region and its seven local municipalities collaborate to ensure road maintenance is efficient. City crews sometimes work on regional roads while Regional teams provide service on city streets. In the winter, snow plowing, salting and sanding routes are designed to provide the most effective level of service. From repairs and potholes to snow plowing and sweeping, crews work to keep roads safe.  To report a maintenance issue such as potholes email  General Inquiries.

Road Permits

A regional permit is required for many types of road-related projects. For more information and application forms, visit our Road & Traffic Permits page or call 519-575-4558.

Road Planning

The Regional Transportation Master Plan (RTMP) which defines how our transportation system will grow and change in the coming decades.

Details on guidelines and design standards for stakeholders working with the Region in planning roadways.

Future construction projects.