TravelWiseLogo.pngTravelWise is a Transportation Management Association (TMA) that provides tools and services to help employees find commuting solutions and reduce the number of employees driving alone to work. Through a public-private partnership, the program works with organizations across Waterloo Region to provide innovative strategies that encourage taking transit, cycling, walking and carpooling to work.

Why is Commuting Important?

Workforce demands are changing. The way we get to work is being redefined and employees are increasingly interested in having commuting options. Organizations staying ahead of the curve and proactively providing commuting programs and solutions are benefiting through:

  • Reduced parking demand and costs
  • Increasing employee satisfaction and retention
  • Increasing access to top employees
  • Positive corporate exposure and leadership

How Do Members Participate?

TravelWise assists organizations in making informed decisions to provide effective commuting solutions. Member organizations will work through a set of four milestones to collect data, set goals, and carry out an action plan. No matter an organization's size, TravelWise will help develop internal policies and programs that support commuting options.


TMA milestone vertical.png


What Support Do Members Receive?

Member organizations gain access to a shared support structure that is made up of five key pillars. These services are provided by TravelWise staff and are intended to support the milestone process. Innovative online tools, good data, and connection-building all lead to strong results.

TravelWise Support Structure.png

What Employee Services are Provided? 


Employee Services Description Access
Discounted GRT PassesEmployees of TravelWise Member Organizations can purchase discounted 3, 6, 9 or 12-month transit passes.To view pricing and to purchase, visit the TravelWise Corporate Pass page.
Trip Planning SoftwareEmployees can search for carpool matches and log commuting trips to see their impact and cost savings using TravelWise Commute.To search for carpool matches and log trips, visit
Emergency Ride HomeEmployees who commute sustainably have access to an Emergency Ride Home program to reimburse travel costs if they get stuck at work.To see terms and conditions or submit a claim, download the Emergency Ride Home form.

When Does it Happen?

TravelWise will host on-site events for members wishing to promote TravelWise services and make sustainable commuting part of their workplace culture.

We structure a calendar year that helps organizations fully utilize the Promotions, Reporting and Recognition support of their membership, all while keeping it simple. Some of the activities TravelWise offers member organizations are outlined below.


Carpool PromotionCycling PromotionWalking/Transit Promotion

Employee Commuting Behaviour Surveys 


How Can We Join?

TravelWise connects with organizations of any size across many sectors though our Small Business, Corporate and Developer memberships. We are happy to meet with you to discuss membership options and how promotion of sustainable commuting options can align with your organization's corporate culture and goals. 

Have questions or want to join?

Contact TravelWise at  TravelWise