TravelWise is a Transportation Management Association that works with employers across Waterloo Region to encourage employees to take transit, cycle, walk, and carpool to work.

As a TravelWise member, your employees gain access to online trip planning and carpool matching software, discounted transit passes, and an emergency ride home reimbursement service.

TravelWise will also host promotional events and orientation sessions at your workplace to promote TravelWise services to your employees.

Read below to find out how your organization can join and for more information about the services we offer.

Become a TravelWise Member Organization today!

Does your workplace have a parking issue? Are you looking for programs for your corporate sustainability initiative or green strategy? TravelWise can help!

TravelWise membership is open to organizations of any size with worksites in Waterloo Region. TravelWise Member Organizations pay an annual membership fee based on the size of their workplace.

In exchange for your membership fee, your employees will gain access to the services above and TravelWise administrators will help you to find solutions to reduce the number of employees driving alone to work.

Contact TravelWise at or 519-575-4400 x7349 for membership fee information.

We are happy to meet with you to discuss membership options and how promotion of sustainable commuting options can align with your organization's corporate culture and goals.

Free 2-Year TravelWise memberships for Cambridge workplaces!

Region of Waterloo is currently offering free two-year TravelWise Memberships to workplaces located in Cambridge!

Contact TravelWise at or 519-575-4400 x7349 for more information about this first-come, first-serve promotional opportunity.

This opportunity is funded through the Region's Transit Supportive Strategy for the City of Cambridge.

TravelWise services for your employees 

Discounted transit passes

Employees of TravelWise Member Organizations can purchase discounted 3, 6, 9, or 12-month transit passes.

To view current prices and to purchase, visit  Grand River Transit's Corporate Pass page.

Carpool matching and trip planning software is an online carpool matching platform where employees can find and organize carpools. TravelWise members receive access to their own private network for workplace-specific initiatives.

Employees can also log commuting trips to see the impact and cost savings of their sustainable commute - a useful tool if your workplace has a carbon reduction target!

To try searching for carpool matches and logging trips, visit and make an account, or watch this video.

Emergency ride home reimbursement

Employees who commute sustainably have access to an Emergency Ride Home Reimbursement program to reimburse travel costs if they need to leave work for an emergency or other unplanned event.

To see the program's terms and conditions or submit a claim, download the Emergency Ride Home form.

TravelWise services for your organization


TravelWise will host an annual on-site event to promote TravelWise's services and make sustainable commuting part of your workplace culture.

In addition to your on-site event, TravelWise hosts three member-wide promotional events a year. These events often include prize draws and focus on encouraging your employees to try new ways of getting to work (e.g., Carpool Month, Bike Month, etc.).

Employee travel behaviour surveys

To help find commuting solutions that will work for your workplace, TravelWise carries out annual (or bi-annual) employee travel behaviour surveys. These surveys provide you with a better understanding of how your employees currently get to work and what would motivate them to adopt new behaviours.

TravelWise administrators develop and promote the survey for your workplace, and will provide you with a summary report with recommendations for your review.

Commuter action planning

TravelWise will help your organization make informed decisions to help you develop an effective workplace commuter program.

Based on the findings and recommendations from your employee travel behaviour survey, TravelWise administrators will help your organization identify goals and opportunity areas for developing or refining commuter programming and policies. TravelWise will provide coaching and best practice support to help ensure your Commuter Action Plan is implemented effectively.

Attention employees: help us promote TravelWise!

Are you interested in TravelWise's services? Does your employer know about TravelWise or the services we provide? Share this information over coffee or at a team meeting!

Do you work closely with community partners? TravelWise is always looking for new Member Organizations! Whether it is a small business, big company, or a non-profit, TravelWise offers services to support sustainable commuting.

Why is commuting important?

Workforce demands are changing. The way we get to work is being redefined and employees are increasingly interested in having commuting options.

Organizations staying ahead of the curve and proactively providing commuting programs and solutions are benefiting through:

  • Reduced parking demand and costs
  • Increasing employee satisfaction and retention
  • Increasing access to top employees
  • Positive corporate exposure and leadership

Interested? Contact TravelWise today! 

519-575-4400 x7349