Getting Around

Waterloo Region is an hour away from Toronto, easily accessible by rail or air as well as car and inter-city transit. 

Whether you get around Waterloo Region on foot, on bicycle, by car or on public transit, the key to efficient travel is a good, up-to-date map.


The Cambridge-Kitchener-Waterloo Transit Route Map is the complete street map. It includes all transit routes, schools, shopping and entertainment centres, civic and historic sites, arenas, community centres and sports fields. For cyclists, it marks all the bike lanes and multi-use trails in Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo. Visit the Route Map page on Grand River Transit's site for more information on how to get your copy.

Moving Forward

The Region of Waterloo is updating its transportation plan called "Moving Forward", about how people and goods will get around over the next 25 years. The plan lays out our vision, goals, objectives and priorities, and includes Regional roads, Grand River Transit, cycling, walking, trucking, travel outside the Region, and managing travel demand. For more information, please go to the Moving Forward page.

Walk Cycle Waterloo Region: Active Transportation Master Plan

We're creating an action plan to make it easier to walk, cycle and roll in Waterloo Region.

The Active Transportation Master Plan (ATMP) will develop a plan for safe and comfortable access to make cycling and walking a real choice for transportation in the Waterloo Region. More information can be found on the ATMP page.

Individualized Marketing Campaigns

Every year, the Region of Waterloo runs a special campaign to empower residents to walk, cycle, carpool and take transit more often. We use these campaigns to help residents understand their transportation options, to motivate them to try different types of transportation with incentives, and to support their positive decisions with activities and resources. Stay tuned for information about the next campaign.

Cambridge to Milton Passenger Rail

The Region of Waterloo and the City of Cambridge have been working together to develop a business case and implementation strategy for passenger rail between Cambridge and Milton. A previous Passenger Rail Feasibility Study (2009) identified the CP corridor between Cambridge and Milton as the preferred corridor for a future GO Train service. This updated study examined conventional GO Trains and Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs) to determine how to establish a service quickly and with a low capital investment. Both Regional and Cambridge Councils have endorsed the action plan in Report P-14-073 (June 17, 2014) to help this initiative proceed.

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