Traffic Volume

The Region of Waterloo conducts annual counts to collect vehicular traffic volume on Regional roads. This data helps determine growth rates, traffic patterns, need for traffic control devices and is used in establishing operational and capital projects.

Link to Average Annual Daily Traffic Volume Report  for most locations on the regional road system within Waterloo Region.

Speed Limits

Speed limits are generally set at or about the average speed of motorists because this is most likely to produce a uniformly moving traffic stream. Uniform speed results in:

  • increased safety and fewer collisions
  • less impatient drivers
  • less passing
  • less tailgating
  • blatant speeders are easily spotted, safe drivers are not penalized

It is very difficult to control speed.  Speed limit signs do not slow down traffic.  Research has shown that most drivers travel at a speed they consider to be comfortable, regardless of posted speed limits.  Studies undertaken before and after revising speed limits have shown that there are no significant changes in average speed following the posting of signs.

Traffic Safety

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Red Light Cameras

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We solicit information from the public on a variety of issues to maximize service and safety.  Link to current surveys.