Helping you get around during a transit strike.

Picture of a GRT bus and a MobilityPLUS bus

As of 5 a.m. Monday, April 3, 2017 UNIFOR Local 4304, representing Grand River Transit (GRT) and MobilityPLUS operators, dispatchers, fleet mechanics and service attendants, conventional buses and specialized transit services will be officially ON STRIKE. 

Transit riders should plan ahead to find alternate means of transportation.  Changing your regular travel plans during the transit strike can be disruptive, but being proactive and developing a plan will ensure you can get to and from your destination.

The Region is providing the following information to assist you in planning your options to get to work, school or appointments.  Please take time to read it and stay informed.

Planning Ahead

 If you don't have one already, come up with an alternate plan on how you'll get to work/school/or wherever you need to go, and remember to give yourself plenty of extra time to do so. 

Other Ways to Get Around

icon of a car with people in it


Like many commuters in Waterloo Region, you've probably thought about sharing a ride to work or school, but aren't sure how to do it. You'll see that finding a carpool match is fast and easy.

Go to: and follow the easy steps to register and organize or join a carpool near you.

If you don't have a car, but would like to rent one to carpool, consider becoming a carshare member.  Visit for more information and carshare locations near you.

icon of a person walking


If you can walk to your destination, remember to dress for weather conditions and where reflective clothing in the early morning and evening.  Take extra care at intersections as there may be more traffic than usual.


Icon of a person riding a bikeCycling

Riding your bike is another option, but be sure to perform a safety check on your bike if this is your first time out this season.  Be sure to wear appropriate safety gear and consider high visibility clothing so that drivers can better see you and your hand signals.  Visit for more information about not to do a bike safety check, hand signals, and choosing a helmet.

 Plan your bike trip ahead of time using Google Maps [link to google] to find a route you are familiar and comfortable with.

Icon of a taxiTaking a Taxi , Uber or Rideco

Cab companies will be extremely busy, so you should plan to leave early. Also, they'll be subject to the same traffic conditions as anyone else, so expect your ride to take longer than usual and potentially cost more.

 Just like carpooling, You can save money and make more space on the roads by finding someone else who is heading in the same direction as you.  Reach out to coworkers and neighbours about sharing a ride together.

Link to:


Icon of person working from homeWork From Home Plan

You could consider discussing a work-from-home plan in advance with your employer. Even if you can work from home for just a few days, it could relieve some of the stress of commuting to work and alleviate some to the congestion on the roads. 

Icon of two buses representing intercity busesInter-city Bus Services

GO bus, Coach Canada and Greyhound will maintain regular scheduled pick up and drop off service at Queen and Weber Streets in Kitchener.  In Cambridge, GO bus, Coach Canada service will have regular scheduled pick up and drop off service at the GRT bus stops located at the corner of Ainslie and Dickson Streets. Bus operators will be selling fares on their buses.  Please note that they will only accept exact cash.