2011-2014 Strategic Plan


The 2011-2014 Strategic Plan describes a future view of what the Region of Waterloo is working to achieve. It provides a common focus for Council and staff over the next four years. It helps to guide priority setting and ensures that our programs and services address the changing needs of our community.

The Region's strategic planning process began in November 2010 and incorporated numerous opportunities for public and staff input, including:

. Community meetings.
. Statistically reliable telephone survey with 1,160 community residents.
. Online and paper survey.
. Involvement of advisory committees of Council.
. More than 25 focus groups with diverse participants.

The consultation provided input on the following key elements:
. Quality of life in Waterloo Region.
. Issues related to the progress on the 2007-2010 Strategic Plan, including:
     - Management of growth
     - Management of the environment
     - Transportation
     - Social issues and well-being
. Trust and confidence in Regional government.
. Region of Waterloo program and service quality.
. Drivers of satisfaction with Regional service delivery.
. Priorities for improvement.
. Improving diversity and inclusion in Region of Waterloo services and programs.
. Improving communication and engagement with the public.

Council approved the 2011-2014 Strategic Plan

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Strategic Plan progress

See our progress for yourself!  

Over the last two years, significant progress has been made on the strategic objectives and actions set out in the 2011-2014 Strategic Plan.

Visit to learn about specific actions the Region is taking to make Waterloo Region an inclusive, thriving and sustainable community. 


Should you have any questions, please contact:

Lorie Fioze, Manager of Strategic Planning
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Phone: (519) 575-4758
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