Strategic Plan for 2015-2018

The Region of Waterloo engages in a strategic planning process for every term of Council. The Region's Strategic Plan seeks to identify the most pressing priorities as identified by the community through an extensive public engagement process. Details on the input process can be found on the Background and Public Input page.

The Strategic Plan will provide a focus and common direction for Regional Council and staff as well as provides a benchmark to measure our progress over the next four years. 

To see a summary of the Strategic Plan download the 2015 - 2018 Strategic Plan Short version.

To see a detailed version of the Strategic Plan download the 2015 - 2018 Strategic Plan Long Version.

As part of the Strategic Planning process, the Region of Waterloo refreshed the Vision and Mission statements for the organization based on public and staff input.

Our Vision (what we aspire to) now reads:

Vision statement


Our Mission (what we do, or why we exist as an organization) now reads:

Mission Statement

The Region's current values are deeply embedded in the culture of the organization, and the decision was made by Council to keep these unchanged. The Region's values are the guiding principles that help staff achieve the vision and fulfil the mission. 

The Region's Values (how we work) are:

Service:  Satisfy and Build Confidence             
We provide excellent public service and strive to understand and meet the needs of all those we serve.

Integrity:  Instil Trust            
We practice high standards of ethical behaviour and conduct ourselves with an openness and transparency that inspires trust.

Respect:  Value and Recognize           
We create an environment where people are included, valued and treated with dignity.

Innovation: Make ideas happen        
We foster an environment of leadership, excellence and creativity.

Collaboration: Involve and Engage Others  
We build internal and external relationships to achieve common goals and resolve differences.


Questions on the Region's strategic planning process can be directed to:

Lorie Fioze, Manager of Strategic Planning
150 Frederick St.
Kitchener, ON N2G 4J3
Phone: (519) 575-4758
Fax: (519) 575-4440
TTY: (519) 575-4610